Upland racing power ups are a way for players to gain a strategic competitive edge while racing. Each vehicle model is different, and just having the fastest car won’t guarantee you will win a race. Aside from the vehicle, the racetrack, power ups, and in the future – block explorer are variables that can influence the outcome of a race. For example, a racetrack with lots of straight aways might favor a racecar that has a high top speed, but a track that has many turns would favor something with better handling. Power ups can give you that extra boost over your competition, or close the gap when racing others.

Each power up has a MPS score, and there is no limit to the amount of power ups that can be used in a race as long as the total MPS score of the power ups plus your vehicle are less than the maximum allowed MPS score for that race. Learn more about MPS scores here.

Each of these power ups are Legits NFTs, and when they are used in a race, they are consumed. This means that they are a one time use. Its important to use them wisely within a race, and its advised to be used when racing for stakes.

Below are the different types of power ups:

Hot Sauce Boost – This power up provides you with an additional boost – meaning you will have 4 boosts instead of 3 that can be used during the race.

NameBoost FunctionBasicEnhancedMax Performance
Nicotine Handling GumImproves Handling
Nitro Brake OilImproves Braking
Aerodynamic WaxImproves Top Speed
Nitro Fuel ChargeIncrease Acceleration
Energy DrinkIncrease Boost Duration
Aeroscent TreeIncrease Boost Top Speed

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