Real Estate

Upland is first and foremost a property trading game. You have the ability to own properties that are mapped to the real world. The best opportunity to own your favorite property is to mint it as a part of a new city release. New cities are released regularly and you have the ability to own nearly any property that exists in the real world. Some can be rare or ultra rare collection properties, celebrity homes, hotels, or real world businesses. Learn more here to learn how to prepare for getting the properties you want in a new city release.

When you first enter the Metaverse, you will want to choose a city to begin in. Here is a list of the cities that exist in the Metaverse. You will want to develop an initial strategy and determine where it is you would like to call home in Upland. You might be someone who travels frequently, for example to mint NFL player Legits from NFL stadiums, or you might want to choose one community and help to develop it. If you are initially overwhelmed with the size of the Metaverse, and other players having hundreds of properties, its important to remember not to compare yourself to others. You don’t know how long they have been playing for, or how much money they have invested in the game. The best part of Upland is that there are an infinite number of ways to play and earn – there is something in the Metaverse for everyone. If you aspire to own a property in every Upland city, this page can help you plan a way of getting to that goal. You should know that your status within Upland is determined by your net worth – the value of properties that you own within the Metaverse.

Owning a property is the very beginning. You will want to construct a house on top of it using spark, maybe open up a metaventure, show off some of your NFTs in your virtual home in a gallery. Upland has made it accessible for new players to own cheap land through FSA properties. A property is likely to be the first asset you will purchase, but there are several different types of assets that you may want that require you to have a piece of land – structures and cars are just two of them. Before you jump in and purchase your first property, it is important that you understand the property card – how mint prices and property earnings are calculated.

Learn more on our YouTube playlist to navigate everything real estate related in Upland.