STEM is the third resource token to be introduced to Upland after UPX and Spark. Upland started by introducing structures, map assets, and other inanimate objects like cars and karts; all of which are created using spark. Living objects like animals, plants, and all living creatures will be powered by a new token called STEM. STEM will be the token responsible for sustaining all living things in Upland. Upland is working closely with the Species Foundation, which will support the creation of all the living items that can be utilized no only within Upland, but across many metaverses. Learn more about the Species foundation in the video at the bottom of this page.

Upland is also introducing another temporary token called PROTEM, which will precede STEM while it is still in the development stage. Since Upland utilizes the blockchain, actions are final and having a temporary token can PROTEM exists so that Upland can do necessary testing with the temporary token before introducing STEM. Once the STEM token is released, players will redeem 1:1 their PROTEM for STEM. This means that if you have 8 PROTEM you will be able to exchange that for 8 STEM in the future, after which PROTEM will be discontinued.

The different life forms will be represented by totems. Each totem is a unique 1 of 1 living map asset with its own traits. To nurture your totem you will need to spend PROTEM to keep them healthy. In return, the totem will generate more PROTEM. This mini-game will serve to simulate the interaction between STEM/PROTEM and Life, and the objective of the game will be to generate as much PROTEM as possible.

For each totem, the unique combination of each totem’s behaviors will determine the optimal way to spend and harvest PROTEM. There are 5 different totem traits, and you can learn more about them here.

Each cycle will last 30 days, and when and how frequently they happen are determined by Upland. Once a new cycle begins, players can activate their totems by spending PROTEM and in return receiving more PROTEM, based on the output trait. Each player will look for the most optimal way to spend their PROTEM and produce maximum gains. You could overspend and guarantee yourself the maximum amount of PROTEM, but it likely won’t be the most efficient way. On the other hand, you could underspend to the point where you could lose PROTEM.

The very first Genesis Totem will be given away to one player at Genesis Week 2023. Learn more about this inaugural totem here.