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If you think you are ready to start your own metaventure, here is a quick quiz to take to make sure you know the fundamentals required for any shop owner! Learn more about metaventures here before taking the quiz.

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Metaventure owner

Take this quiz before becoming a metaventure owner to see if you have what it takes!

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A metaventure cannot be opened on a property with the following structure type

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Which of the following is NOT a prerequisite for opening up a metaventure?

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As a metaventure owner, you are able to purchase items that players list in your shop.

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As a store owner, you can set the amount of commission you make when selling other player's items.  The amount of commission a store owner can receive per sale is:

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What is not one of the factors in calculating monthly venture dues?

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What is the minimum listing time an item can be in a shop before it can be removed from inventory?

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When purchasing an item in a metaventure, the price listed is

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What happens if you do not pay venture dues?

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You can register for a metaventure from anywhere within Upland.

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