Metaventure Registration

Registration for Upland Metaventures is open to the general public as of August 2022. To sell Legits or block explorers you do not need to own a metaventure. You can list them in other players stores by becoming a sub-merchant. Each business owner earns a commission when a sub merchant sells an asset in the store. If you are interested in opening a metaventure, read below to understand the application process. It’s important to note that it is free to apply to open a shop, but there are some basic restrictions that are detailed below. As a shop owner you must pay monthly metaventure dues that vary based on city, type and number of shops, and previous month overall sales. Learn more about the calculation of venture dues here. If you are just looking for the link to register your metaventure, here it is. However, we encourage you to read on as there is a lot of important information you should prepare before jumping to the registration link.

If you are contemplating opening a metaventure but don’t know where to start, here is a checklist of topics that you need to address to ensure you are setting yourself up for success.

Specific metaventures aren’t easy to find in Upland, and that’s why we have two helpful tools to help you get noticed:

  1. Get listed on the Upland Guide Maps. In addition to the complete world map, we have maps broken down by specific metaventures as well. See all the different maps we have.
  2. Listing your business on the Upland Guide business directory

Registration process

Why do this? What are the objectives?
  • Have the ability to manage your own store to sell your own assets (Legits/Block Explorers) or assets of others as they can list in your store as a sub-merchant.
  • Increase activity in a specific neighborhood or node.  Having metaventures in a neighborhood will increase its neighborhood score.  In the future, neighborhoods with high scores will spawn new collection.
  • Create a brand.  In the future, different types of Metaventures can be opened.  If you are looking to create a brand for yourself or a chain of stores, you may want to start with one of the available types of Metaventures.
What resources are required?
  • A fully completed structure on the property you wish to open the metaventure (excluding micro homes and factories). The property can not be on sale, on offer, or set as your Upland home address.
  • The applicant must have a minimum amount of inventory to sell.
    • Block Explorer Shop: minimum five block explorers
    • NFLPA Fan Shop: minimum 10 NFLPA Legits
    • Football (soccer) Fan Shop: minimum 10 football Legits
    • Cars Showroom: minimum 3 cars. (application is for beta testing)
  • Required UPX to pay venture dues.
Who is involved?
  • Tilia - as a prerequisite, you will have to complete the know-your-customer (KYC) identification process with them prior to defining your Upland Home.  To begin this process, attempt to list a property for sale for USD to begin the identification process.
  • Upland is required to approve your application
  • You, as the player applying for a Metaventure. You must be an Uplander status or higher and player in good standing (not in Alcatraz - Upland's jail)
  • Graphic designer (optional) for creating shop logos.
What inputs are received?
  • Address of proposed metaventure location
  • Type of structure existing on the property
  • Metaventure name (30 character limit including spaces, no special characters)
  • Proposed shop description (425 character limit including spaces, can include web links).  This text will be shown underneath the picture when a player clicks on your metaventure.
  • The number of assets you own related to the specific type of metaventure you wish to open.
  • Shop background images (3 total in PNG format). Note this is not required in order to submit the application.  Once you have been approved, you have 10 days to submit otherwise the images will be left blank.
    • Home page background - 891 x 600 (pictured below in the center of the image)
    • Desktop background - 1920 x 1080 (pictured below as the background image)
    • Portrait background - 1080 x 1920 (the background image as seen on a mobile device0
    • Dale's Deluxe driv
What outputs are produced?
  • An approved Metaventure
How is it done?
  1. After ensuring you have all the information and details listed above, fill out this Upland form.
  2. The application processing time is 7-10 days.
  3. If approved, you have 10 days to submit your shop graphics.

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