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If you think you are ready to participate in your first new city release, here is a quick quiz to take to make sure you are ready. Everyone is bound to make some mistakes along the way, but by completing this quiz you will have the confidence you need to get started. Don’t forget to learn how to best prepare yourself for a new city release. As a new player, make sure to check out our YouTube playlist geared specifically for the upcoming city release.

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New city release process

Make sure you are prepared for a new city release!

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1) When is it possible to travel to the new city?

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2) There are a limited number of spots at terminals for each day.  Even though Upland temporarily increases the number of spots available prior to new city releases, it isn't always enough to ensure everyone can travel in time for the release.  If you aren't fast enough in traveling you might be in a situation where you are unable to travel out of the city you are currently in.  Is there anything that can be done?

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3) All cities in Upland are directly connected to each other via public transportation.

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4) What is vanilla mode?

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5) Can you register for the sale of transportation terminals using the Upland phone app?

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6) When registering for terminal sales you must be fast.  The first players to register are always the first in line for sales.

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7) Which airplane terminal is used for international travel?

upland plane terminal

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8) Sends are available in the new city prior to the city release or stress test.

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9) You can mint FSA properties as long as your net worth is under

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10) It is possible to know or calculate the mint price of properties prior to the property becoming unlocked and mintable.

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11) How many FSA properties can be listed for sale/traded/sold each week?

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12) How many FSA properties can you mint each day?

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13) How far away from a property does your block explorer have to be in order to mint it?

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14) If a rare collection property was not minted during the city release prior to the announcement of the property collections the new mint price of that property will be multiplied by a factor of

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15) How many properties can you mint per minute?

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