Dale’s Deluxe Drivers

Located in Manhattan just south of the “world’s most famous arena” – Madison Square Gardens, Dale’s Deluxe Drivers Block Explorer (BE) Shop specializes in Genesis Week, New York themed explorers, terraformers & wizards, low mint numbers BEs and BEs with the best racing characteristics. If you are looking to excel in car racing or build up your academy, Dale’s Deluxe Drivers shop will have best drivers to complete your team! Find us on the map!

Below is a list of items that you can buy and sell in the Dale’s Deluxe Drivers shop. As we learn more about cars and car racing, you can expect to see the block explorers with the best driving abilities in this store as well. To learn how to list your block explorer in our shop, learn how to sell as a sub-merchant, or ask us a question in Discord. In addition to the table below, you can view a complete list of block explorers and you can easily browse and filter which block explorers can be found in which Upland Guide metaventures.

Dale’s Deluxe Drivers Allowable Inventory

If you are looking for something different, please check out Dale’s other block explorer shops, and the Upland Guide Metaverse Directory for other stores. If you have any questions, reach out to us on Discord, or send us an email.

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