FIFA World Cup Block Explorers

You can own block explores (both crests and mugs) and show your support for your home country during the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar! Along with them being your in game avatar, block explorers are required for car racing, as they will be your driver! Learn more about block explorers here.

Minting of these crest and mug block explorers for the countries can be done in FIFA World Cup stores. Below are the details of each type and where they can be minted. Use our Discord travel bot to find the cheapest and fastest routes between any two cities. For a complete list of assets and where they can be bought, see this table.

For each of the 5 weeks during the World Cup tournament, there will be 10 crest block explorers, and 20 mug block explorers (5 at each city) on sale for each country. You can register from anywhere in Upland, but your block explorer must be at the store in order to mint it. Once registration ends, you will have 60 minutes before the sale begins. Its highly unlikely that a player will be able to mint items from different cities, as the travel time is too long. See the registration and sale times here.

If you are looking to buy or sell block explorers, use the Upland Guide Block Explorer map to locate some of the player run shops.

The Drum, ball, and vuvuzela block explorers below are free ones that can be used throughout the tournament. Note these are not tokenized on the blockchain, and you will not be able to buy or sell them.


Following the tournament, if you wish to still have the option to use these as your avatar, you must complete the following tasks:

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