FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Upland has announced a multi-year partnership with FIFA that is starting with a unique experience for the World Cup in Qatar within the metaverse! The Upland Guide is your primary resource for understanding not only everything that has to do with the World Cup in the metaverse, but all the fundamentals about the metaverse. If you are new to Upland, sign up with our referral code for additional bonuses, and we will guide you as you learn the basics. We have quizzes, a YouTube playlists, and a getting started tutorial to help you find a metaverse strategy that fits you!

This partnership will enable you to own digital collectibles (Legits) of the teams competing in the World Cup tournament. Video highlights, called spotlights Legits will be a new feature introduced to the Metaverse. Minting FIFA World Cup Legits and adding them to FIFA World Cup collection albums will increase your World Cup Fan Score, enabling you to win some great prizes. In addition to Legits, players will be able to purchase map assets(formerly outdoor decor) items to decorate their homes and properties with team related items. Learn more about all the different types of FIFA World Cup collectibles that you can own. Players will need to travel to Lusail, Qatar as well as Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Queens where you will be able to mint Legits, map assets and more. As more information is announced by Upland, you can be sure to learn more here on the Upland Guide, as well as on our World Cup YouTube Playlist. See the Upland Guide World Cup map to find locations of shops and other places where you can buy and sell FIFA World Cup related items.

Upland has mentioned that there will be lots of prizes up for grabs – these include properties in Qatar, unique cars, digital memorabilia, and even the Lusail Stadium itself! Upland has also announced that the country who wins the FIFA World Cup will have it’s capital city released in the Upland Metaverse! Read all about them here.

As a football fan, this page is the ideal place to start learning about all of the FIFA World Cup items you can collect including Legits – their different types, collections, and more.

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