FIFA World Cup Map Assets

Upland and FIFA have created 3 types of map assets(formerly outdoor decor) items that players can purchase from FIFA World Cup showrooms, or on the secondary market in other showrooms. See here details and locations of the player operated showrooms that are selling not only the FIFA World Cup map assets, but also items they have manufactured themselves. Note that factories and showrooms are currently in closed beta testing). If you are looking to resell a map asset, you are able to do that as a submerchant. Below are the map asset items that that can be purchased, their mint price and quantities. Players can own mosaics, canopies, and statue to decorate their properties ahead of the World Cup. The map asset items will be randomly and periodically placed in the 4 FIFA showrooms located in the showrooms below. Sales are on a first come first serve basis. Watch this video to learn how to add map assets to your property.

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