New Orleans Saints

The Madden ranking was chosen as it is a simple metric to understand – an overall score from 0-100 indicating how good a player is. For Upland players who are not experts in football, or its players this is a simple way to get started when comparing different players when looking to make trades or sales. For players to dive in deeper to player statistics, we suggest

Each team is made up of 30 players broken down into 4 categories:

  1. Elite – Top player on the team
  2. Key Players – 2nd and 3rd top players on the team
  3. Starters – Players ranked 4-10 on the team
  4. Contributors – Players ranked 11-30 on the team

If you are looking to increase your fan points, familiarize yourself with the collections. All 14 collections can be created for each team, for a total of 448 collections!

If you are looking to complete the Time Capsule collection, note that New Orleans’ season record was 12-4. The games they won were games: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16. The Saints made it to the playoffs winning game 17 (wild card) and losing in game 18 (divisional championship)

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Player NamePlayer TypePositionMadden RatingRookieComments
ALEX ANZALONEContributorLB73Plays for Detroit as of 2021 season
ALVIN KAMARAEliteRB882020 Pro Bowl selection; Ranked #14 of NFL's top 100 players in 2020
ANDRUS PEATContributorOG782020 Pro Bowl selection
CAMERON JORDANStarterDE962020 Pro Bowl selection; Ranked #46 of NFL's top 100 players in 2020
CESAR RUIZContributorOG71Y
DEMARIO DAVISStarterLB89Ranked #64 of NFL's top 100 players in 2020
EMMANUEL SANDERSStarterWR87Plays for Buffalo as of 2021 season
JANORIS JENKINSStarterCB78Plays for Tennessee as of 2021 season
JARED COOKStarterTE87Plays for Los Angeles Chargers as of 2021 season
LATAVIUS MURRAYStarterRB80Plays for Baltimore as of 2021 season
MALCOM BROWNContributorDT72Plays for Jacksonville as of 2021 season
MARQUEZ CALLAWAYContributorWRNo Madden 21 RatingY
MARSHON LATTIMOREKey PlayerCB862020 Pro Bowl selection; Ranked #86 of NFL's top 100 players in 2020
MICHAEL THOMASKey PlayerWR992020 Pro Bowl selection, and First Team All Pro; Ranked #72 of NFL's top 100 players in 2020
P.J. WILLIAMSContributorCB74
TERRON ARMSTEADStarterOT952020 Pro Bowl selection; Ranked #79 of NFL's top 100 players in 2020
THOMAS MORSTEADContributorP83Plays for Atlanta as of 2021 season
TREY HENDRICKSONStarterDE74Plays for Cincinnati as of 2021 season
WIL LUTZContributorK78inactie as of 2021 season

Fan Points

Contributor Fan PointsStarter Fan PointsKey Player Fan PointsElite Fan PointsAutograph MultiplierWild Card Game (Game 17) MultiplierDivisional Game (Game 18) MultiplierChampionship Game (Game 19) MultiplierBig Game (Game 20) Multiplier
Essential Cap1251501752001.2
Essential Jersey1501802102401.2
Essential Away Cap1251501752001.2
Essential Away Jersey1501802102401.2
Memento Cap1,5001,8002,1002,4001.
Memento Jersey1,8002,1602,5202,8801.
Game Ball3,1681.
Replica Cap7509001,0501,2001.
Replica Jersey9001,0801,2601,4401.
Replica Football1,5841.

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