NFL Fan Point Collections

Fan point collections exist for all 32 teams separately. The table below indicates the types of Legits (Essentials, Replicas, Mementos, and Autographs) that contribute to building your Fan Score. Increasing your team’s fan score increases your probability of having the ability of minting a memento from that team. At season’s end, the leaders in fan points for each team will receive a special block explorer. At the beginning of each season a new fan point leader boards will begin, however fan points from the previous season will have some influence on one’s lineup for mementos.

Before reading on to the collections, if you aren’t familiar with how the different fan points are calculated this video below is a must before looking into creating the collections.

Click here to see the addresses of each team’s Legits store and stadium.
See team rosters and player rankings to help you compare players when making trades or sales.

Collection TierCollection NamePosition specificFan Point Boost (%)# Legits requiredType of Legits
StandardTriple ThreatNo1403Any Legits of different players
StandardChain MoversYes20011Any type of Legits:
1 of each: C, QB, FB, RB, TE
2 of each: WR, OG, OT
StandardDefendersYes20011Any type of Legits
2 of each: CB, DE, DT, S
3 of each: DB, LB
LimitedBall HandlerYes2253Legits of same player - FB, RB, TE, WR
2 Essentials
1 replica or memento
LimitedKickers CornerYes2303Legits of same player - K, P, LS
2 Essentials
1 replica or memento
LimitedHeavyweightYes2353Legits of same player - C, OT, OG, DT, DE
2 Essentials
1 replica or memento
ExclusiveBall HawkYes2453Legits of same player - CB, DB, LB, S
2 Essentials
1 replica or memento
ExclusiveCaptainYes2503Legits of same QB
2 Essentials
1 replica or memento
ExclusiveVariantsNo2603Essential Variants (away jerseys/caps)
TBDUltimate FanNo2753Autographs
RareTime CapsulNo2803Replicas/Mementos from the same winning game
Ultra RareFireNo2853Memento/replicas with at least 3 fire statistic
Ultra RareBall HogNo3002Replica/Memento of game ball

Position Dependent Collection Table

Below is a subset of the collections listed above that require you to add players of specific positions. You can learn more about these specific collections here.

The process of creating collections

Why do this? What are the objectives?

Increase fan score.  Watch this video for a detailed description of the following points.

  • Top the leaderboard for your favorite team each season to win a 1 of 3 NFT
  • Mint your favorite player's Memento
  • Get your Legit Autographed
  • Collect player spotlights
  • Receive UPX bonus for making collections
  • Buy, sell, trade, have fun with Legits!
What resources are required?


Who is involved?

Assuming you own the necessary legits to complete the collection, only you.

If there are legits that you do not have that are required, you can obtain them in the following ways:

What inputs are received?

The required Legits to create the collection

What outputs are produced?
  1. Boosted fan score for the Legits in the collection
  2. UPX bonus (future feature)
How is it done?

Watch this video or follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the menu --> NFLPA Legits --> Collections
  2. Choose the team
  3. Choose the year
  4. Select the relevant collection you wish to complete
  5. Select applicable Legits to include in the collection

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