NFL Fan Point Collections

Fan point collections exist for all 32 teams separately. The table below indicates the types of Legits (Essentials, Replicas, Mementos, and Autographs) that contribute to building your Fan Points. Increasing your team’s fan points increases your probability of having the ability of minting a memento from that team. At season’s end, the leaders in fan points for each team will receive a special block explorer. At the beginning of each season a new fan point leader boards will begin, however fan points from the previous season will have some influence on one’s lineup for mementos.

Before reading on to the collections, if you aren’t familiar with how the different fan points are calculated this video below is a must before looking into creating the collections.

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Collection NamePosition specificFan Point Boost (%)# Legits requiredType of LegitsMinimum Base Fan Points *Minimum Boosted Fan Points *
Triple ThreatNo1403Any Legits of different players450630
Chain MoversYes20011Any type of Legits:
1 of each: C, QB, FB, RB, TE
2 of each: WR, OG, OT
DefendersYes20011Any type of Legits
2 of each: CB, DE, DT, S
3 of each: DB, LB
Kickers CornerYes2303Legits of same player - K, P, LS
2 Essentials
1 replica or memento
Ball HandlerYes2253Legits of same player - FB, RB, TE, WR
2 Essentials
1 replica or memento
CaptainYes2503Legits of same QB
2 Essentials
1 replica or memento
HeavyweightYes2353Legits of same player - C, OT, OG, DT, DE
2 Essentials
1 replica or memento
Ball HawkYes2453Legits of same player - CB, DB, LB, S
2 Essentials
1 replica or memento
VariantsNo2603Essential Variants (away jerseys/caps)4501170
FireNo2853Memento/replicas with at least one fire statistic27007695
Ultimate FanNo2753Autographs5301485
Time CapsulNo2853Replicas/Mementos from the same winning game540015,390
Ball HogNo3002Replica/Memento of game ball31689504

Position Dependent Collection Table

Below is a subset of the collections listed above that require you to add players of specific positions. You can learn more about these specific collections here.

*A number of assumptions were made in calculating the base and multiplier fan points:

  1. 150 fan points for each essential Legit (except for QB position)
  2. 210 fan points for each essential Legit – QB position
  3. 900 fan points for each replica
  4. 1800 fan points for each memento
  5. 1584 fan points for each game ball replica
  6. replicas only when having the option of a replica or memento
  7. postseason replicas/mementos are not taken into account

Based on the assumptions above, filling all the collections for a specific team will give you 72,594 fan points. Obviously, from here, the sky is the limit. Adding more replicas or mementos of your favorite team will increase these earnings. Getting more legits signed, and adding more starters, key players, and elite players will also increase your fan points. Filling all the collections would require a total number of 57 legits to be active in the collections. Assuming that when you have the choice to add a Replica or a Memento to a collection you choose a Replica, you must burn 5 Essentials. If you don’t get a Replica that you need, you would then trade it with other Uplander for players you are collecting. A total of 99 Legits would then be required to fill all the collections.

2021 Essentials are being sold for 500 UPX (contributor cap) up to 7,500 UP (elite jersey). 12,000 UPX for 10, or 1200 UPX/essential (contributors and starters – excluding the top 3 players on each team). At this price, 99 Essentials will cost 118,800 UPX, or $118.80. This most likely won’t be enough, as you will need both Mementos, and Essentials of key and elite players (top 3 of each team), which will likely be more expensive than the contributors and starters). If you are thinking of trying to complete all of your favorite team’s collections, take this into consideration If you have yet to join Upland and are looking to start your Legits collection, check out the Upland Guide promotions when signing up. The promotions will help you greatly with your first purchase of UPX in order to start your Legits collection.

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