Upland Legits and NFTs

Upland has announced Upland Legits, where they are partnering with the NFL Players Association to provide collectible NFTs of NFL players to its fans, and Upland players. Using the blockchain, Upland is able to ensure in game assets owned by players are in fact owned by you – not just in the game, but outside of it too. If you’re not tech savvy and don’t understand the blockchain, NFTs or what the whole craze is, this page is for you. I won’t be describing the technology, but I will explain how Upland Legits and digital collectibles are revolutionizing how we as society interact with things we love, for example our favorite NFL player or team. If you are an NFL fan and collect football cards, memorabilia, or anything else that is related to your favorite player or team, joining Upland and obtaining Upland Legits is a must!

Do you own football cards from the 90s, or from any era? If you do, NFTs are no different. As a matter of fact, if you collect anything, NFTs are easy to understand. Lets use the following card as an example. Let say you own this Emmitt Smith 1990s Score trading card. It may not be worth much, but he’s your favorite player and this is your favorite card. Right now its stored in a box with hundreds of other football cards probably collecting dust. The Aaron Rodgers Upland Legits NFT is the digital version of the physical Emmitt Smith card.

Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys 1990 Score trading card
Regular trading card
Aaron Rodgers Upland Legits NFT example
Upland Legits NFT example

If you are a collector of any kind, the following issues are things that you worry about when buying or selling a new collectible. What is the proper price to value your asset at? The starting point is to understand that the Emmitt Smith card is a rare card in the sense that there was a limited number printed. Back then, it wasn’t common to print serial numbers on the cards, so its not clear exactly how many of them exist, but the fact that there were a finite number of them, makes the card rare to a certain degree.

  • Maybe some of those tens of thousands of cards got thrown out or lost, so its unclear to know exactly how many exist right now.
  • I bet if Emmitt Smith personally gave you that card, you would value it more, but chances are you don’t have any way to prove it. All you might have is a cool story that others might not believe.
  • The card is physical and must be protected. After 30+ years, its possible that the corners are a bit damaged thus decreasing the value of the card – there might be other imperfections as well.
  • It’s even possible that the card is a counterfeit – something that wouldn’t be easy to verify.

Rarity, history, storage, and originality are important attributes to the Emmitt Smith card. NFTs have a solution to all this, and this is why NFTs are quickly becoming the future of collectibles. (NFTs have many more uses aside from collectibles, but we aren’t touching on that here).

When you look at the information associated with the NFT, you will always know how many were created. In addition, each NFT has a serial number, which is what makes it truly unique. They may have the same image, but having the first Aaron Rodgers NFT created (mint #1) will be more valuable than mint #4586. This is fundamentally different from the Emmitt Smith card, where there is no easily accessible documented record of how many were printed. The blockchain is a public ledger which documents every transaction, so if Aaron Rodgers were to have personally gifted you the NFT, you could look it up online. This is also a way to verify that the NFT is in fact an original – it is quite easy to look up the owner and where it came from. The NFT is digital, so ensuring it doesn’t get damaged isn’t an issue.

Now that you have dozens or even hundreds of the NFTs, what do you do with them? If you are a collector, you might want to save them and hope that they will appreciate in value. You may even want to show them off in your home. This is where the rest of the Upland Metaverse comes in to play. To display your digital NFTs, you will need a digital home and to get a digital home, you will need a digital property. In the future you will also be able to get digital cars! These functionalities are being developed by the Upland team. Their goal is to develop a digital world that mimics the real world. Read more here from Upland regarding how they envision Upland Legits integrating with the the rest of their vision of the Metaverse.

Alternatively, you might be looking to sell it to make a profit. Using the Upland NFT Portal you will be able to take your Upland Legits NFT outside the game and sell it. This is fundamentally different from other types of games not on the blockchain. In other games like World of Warcraft, the in game purchases you make live only within the game. The blockchain is what enables actual ownership of these digital assets.

If you are looking to get started in Upland, the Upland Guide has a detailed step by step user manual, extensive FAQ page, and beginner strategies to help you get started. Check out the bonuses the Upland Guide offers when signing up with us.

We look forward to seeing you in the metaverse!

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