0N1 Force Upland Partnership

Upland announced a collaboration with 0N1 Force ahead of the Tokyo city release in Upland. (No date has been set for the city release). 0N1 Force is a collection of 7,777 generative NFTs that depict otherworldly warriors. The project was launched in August 2021 by IMCMPLX, a veteran artist in the NFT space. 0N1 Force quickly gained popularity due to its unique aesthetic, rich backstory, and strong community.

In Upland’s official announcement it describes that 0N1 Force is a renowned community-driven, generative art, blue-chip NFT project that will bring a range of new assets to Upland, including Block Explorers, Map Assets, Wearables, and more.

The backstory of 0N1 Force is set in the Ethereal Enclave, a war-torn plane where the 0N1 warriors live. The 0N1 were once peaceful inhabitants of the Enclave, but they were forced to fight when The Shift, a cataclysmic event, threw the Enclave into chaos.

The 0N1 Force NFTs are side-profile portraits that feature a variety of different traits, including different masks, body types, and weapons. Each NFT is also assigned a unique rarity score, which determines its value.

The 0N1 Force NFTs are more than just digital collectibles. They also grant holders access to a variety of benefits, including exclusive merchandise, airdrops, and voting rights. The project has also partnered with a number of brands and celebrities, including Steve Aoki and Paradigm Sports.

0N1 Force is a promising NFT project with a lot to offer. The project has a strong community, a unique aesthetic, and a rich backstory. If you are looking for an NFT project with long-term potential, 0N1 Force is worth considering.

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