Outdoor Decor

Outdoor decor are decorative items that can be placed on a property that you own. Whether it be a fire pit in your backyard, or a mailbox at the front of your house, these items are created by other Uplanders, manufactured in factories and sold in showrooms. Learn more here about the manufacturing process. Beyond being visually appealing items you might want to have to add to your home, there are two big reasons you might want to add decor to your property.

The first reason is that the amount of outdoor decor collectively added to a specific neighborhood may be one of the metrics to determine future neighborhood collections. Learn more about node ratings in this video. Neighborhoods that are able to show great strides in development will be able to spawn collections that provide them with additional boost to their monthly property earnings. If you are part of a node or neighborhood community, you may want to create some unique yet standardized outdoor decor items that all neighborhood owners will place on their properties.

To manufacture and sell outdoor decor items, you will need to open a metaventure. Learn more about these player run businesses.

The second thing that can be done with pieces of outdoor decor is incorporate it into a layer 2 experience. As mentioned above, a specific neighborhood might design a custom piece of decor that is exclusively for those property owners. Alternatively you could create a community, or as I call it a meta-munity, around owners of a specific piece of decor regardless of where they reside in Upland. In the video below I discuss forming a meta-munity and how it can tie into outdoor decor items. I give an example of manufacturing and selling chess pieces. These pieces can be the key to allow you access to an exclusive chess related community, and even a competitive chess game and tournaments that could be accessible through the Upland platform where players could compete to win prizes.

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