Governance and Voting

Uplanders have the ability to define their own home address within Upland.  If you only own a few properties or even thousands of properties, everyone has their favorite one.  Where do you want to live? What community are you a part of, and what kind of influence do you want to have on that community and neighborhood?  Players who define their own home address will be able to obtain voting rights and the ability to have a say in things that relate to your neighborhood, city, and even all of Upland! In order to define your home and vote you will have to verify your identity. Learn more here about the KYC process (know your customer).

After setting your home address, you will be able to download a profile picture that includes your neighborhood as well as your block explorer. Learn more about that and how to create your metaverse identity here.

If you are part of a node – a community of players who develop a specific neighborhood, which is deciding what type of business you can have in the neighborhood, what color and type of structures are allowed, and even more important things in the future.  With the ability to define your home address, there are voting mechanics within Upland that allow the players who identify with the neighborhood and who are the most active and committed to it to have an influence on these important decisions.

Its possible in the future that if you decide to travel outside your home city for an extended period of time, it’s likely you will have to also wait a period of time after returning to your home city before you can vote again.  All this is designed in order to reward players who remain committed and connected to one specific neighborhood and city.

Watch this video to see why I chose Wrigleyville as my home neighborhood.

Process of setting your permanent residence