Structure Ornaments

Ornaments are visual overlays that can be placed on top of structures in Upland. At the moment they are only created by Upland, but in the future, we can expect that similar to how players can manufacture outdoor decor items, players will also be able to manufacture not only structure ornaments, but potentially car ornaments in the future. Learn more about cars in this link.

upland halloween outdor decor

Some of the ornaments are seasonal such as Halloween and Christmas ornaments that can be used only during specified dates around those holidays. Ornaments are sold for UPX in the Upland store. You also require a structure that matches the type of ornament that you own in order to decorate your home. Follow along below to learn how to decorate your home.

Why do this? What are the objectives?
  • Decorate your home for special holidays (ex: Halloween, Christmas, etc.) - social flex
  • Participate in contests (for example, there was a contest for Halloween 2021 where players had to add the most ornaments to their structures and the neighborhood with the most decorated homes won spark)
What resources are required?
  • A structure that is not a metaventure
  • An ornament of the same structure type
Who is involved?

Only you are needed to add your ornament to your home

What inputs are received?
  • The dates that your ornament can be placed (some ornaments are seasonal.  For example, Halloween ornaments can only be placed during the Halloween season)
  • The structure you wish to decorate (cannot be a metaventure)
  • The ornament you wish to decorate your structure with
What outputs are produced?

A decorated building!

How is it done?

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