Racing is coming to Upland in a big way. Karts add another exciting element to this topic. When Upland announced vehicles, they also announced that players would be able to race them in competitions around player owned and designed tracks. With the release of these speedway Upland has announced that karts will be another type of vehicle that can be raced on these tracks.

Unlike other vehicles, karts will only be used for racing. Cars can be used for racing as well, but their additional utility pertaining to transportation is what makes them valuable. Of course, the different car models are intended for different purposes – a racecar vs. a semi-trailer; both important vehicles, but for different reasons. Learn more about vehicle utility in this video.

As Upland is recreating the real world in the metaverse, there is a desire to ensure that vehicles are representative of real world vehicles. For this reason, the requirements to become a vehicle designer and manufacturer are expected to be stringent.

Implementing something like karts gives designers more creative freedom to design karts that are fundamentally different from existing vehicle designs. We can expect karts to be cheaper to manufacture as they will likely be smaller in size compared to vehicles, and that their only utility will be car racing.

Karts will need to be manufactured in factories, sold in showrooms, and raced on speedway metaventures. Start learning more about opening up a metaventure here.

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