Upland Gamified UPX Earnings

Your ability to earn in the Upland Metaverse is a direct function of your engagement in the game. By completing tasks during each Upland season, you can increase the amount of UPX that you will earn for the following season. The minimum base earnings is set to 4.9% annually and players have the ability to increase their earnings to 15.19% (3.1x the base earnings!). This page will detail everything you need to know about how to increase your earnings. Check out this video to learn the pros and cons of this earning method.

To increase your earnings from the base, you must complete tasks. Even by completing only one task you are able to increase your earnings. From the list below, for each completed task you will increase the earnings for the following season (up to 5 tasks) taking your property yields to 14.7%. Complete all the tasks to earn the maximum of 15.19% yield. If you are concerned about completing tasks, here are some strategies you could adopt that are not based around chasing property earnings. Furthermore, use our Seasonal UPX Earnings Calculator to calculate your potential earnings.

  • 0 Tasks completed results in the minimum base earnings of 4.9% annual earnings.
  • 1 Task Complete (Multiplier 1.2x) results in a 5.88% annual earning.
  • 2 Tasks Completed (Multiplier 1.5x) boosts the earnings to 7.35%.
  • 3 Tasks Completed (Multiplier 2x) boosts the earnings to 9.8%.
  • 4 Tasks Completed (Multiplier 2.5x)boosts the earnings to 12.25%.
  • 5 Tasks Completed (Multiplier 3x) boosts the earnings to 14.7%.
  • Complete all tasks and set your home address (Multiplier 3.1x): boosts the earnings to 15.19%.

There are 6 seasons, each on starting on the first of every even month (February, April, June, August, October, December) and each season lasts 6 weeks. This is the period of time that you have to complete tasks to increase your yields for the next season. The yield determined for the following season is applied also for the 2 week downtime between the seasons. For example, if you complete 4 tasks during the frost season (February 1st – March 15th), your earnings between April 1st – May 31st will be 12.25% annually of your total property mint value (plus all relevant collection boosts). If during the Blossom season (April 1st – May 15th) you decide not to complete any tasks, your yield for June 1st – July 31st will reset to the base 4.9% yield.

Below is the list of tasks that one can complete that will count towards boosting your earnings for the Blossom season. Note this list is subject to change from season to season, so make sure to remain engaged. Make sure to collect your UPX earnings prior to the start of the new season, learn why here.

  • Daily Dedication: Login for at least 25 days during the season to showcase your commitment to Upland.
  • Consecutive Connection: Maintain a login streak by logging in 7 days straight, proving your daily dedication to the Upland universe.
  • Property Pioneer: Mint 3 properties during the season, expanding your real estate portfolio.
  • Urban Explorer: Visit 3 different cities within Upland, experiencing the diverse cultures and landscapes our world offers. Learn how to travel.
  • Racing Enthusiast: Stake in 3 public multiplayer races with a minimum of 1500 UPX, showcasing your competitive spirit. Learn about racing for stakes.
  • Real Estate Mogul: Buy 5 properties (secondary purchase only, no swaps), utilizing the secondary market to grow your holdings.
  • Seasonal Decorator: Apply a Blossom ornament to your properties for at least 3 weeks, celebrating the season in style. (By doing so you are also entering yourself into the season ornament challenge to win spark and other prizes.) Learn more here.
  • Collection Completer: Complete 2 exclusive property collections for the first time, demonstrating your knack for curating unique property sets. Learn about collections.
  • Master Builder: Complete the construction of structures, build 5 different types of models, to diversify your architectural achievements.
  • City Developer: Complete construction of structures in 3 different cities, showcasing your influence across Upland.
  • Economy Contributor: Burn/exchange 3 items, engaging with Upland’s dynamic economy.
  • Competition Champion: Participate in 3 multiplayer races (kart or cars), racing your way to the top. Learn about car racing.
  • Community Grower: Earn a referral bonus by referring others to join the Upland community, expanding our universe.
  • Treasure Hunter: Start 5 standard Treasure Hunts (TH), embarking on quests for hidden treasures across Upland. Learn how to hunt.
  • Metaventure Explorer: Visit 3 different metaventures (paid send), discovering unique shops within Upland. Learn more about metaventures.

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