Season Ornament Challenge

Adding structure ornaments to your homes is the metaverse equivalent of decorating your real world home for Halloween or Christmas. There are 6 different seasons in Upland, and you can decorate your homes however you like, whenever you like. Having said that, Upland has challenges that will reward players who choose to decorate their homes with ornaments that correspond to the active Upland season. Learn more about the different seasons here.

These ornament challenges are divided by Uplander status enabling Uplanders & Pros, Directors, Executives & Chief Executives to compete on more level playing fields against others of the same status. Players who compete in these challenges can win a landmark, block explorers, spark, and a badge. There are both weekly and seasonal winners in each of the 3 different status categories. Read the official challenge announcement here.

In order to receive points towards the challenge, you must decorate your home with a structure ornament that is part of the active season, and that property must be part of an active property collection. Watch this YouTube shorts video to learn how to decorate your property, or learn more about structure ornaments here. Each home decorated that meets these requirements gives you one point. Each week, of the top 50 players in each category, ten will win 0.05 spark. This is chosen randomly, and its possible for a player to win in multiple weeks. If you are looking to buy ornaments, consider checking out Dale-ightful Ornaments in Rio De Janeiro (direct link to shop).

At the end of the season, the top 25 players in each leaderboard will win the following prizes:
First place: Tahoe Waterfront Prop & 0.1 Spark
Top 10: Exclusive Badge and a Collection Property in a new city that will be opened during Blossom 24 season.
Top 25: A special Blossom Season Block Explorer.

In order to participate in the challenge you will have to complete the following tasks listed below this video. If you are brand new to building homes, and structure ornaments, you are going to want to watch this video below that will give you some tips and strategies for players looking to participate in these seasonal ornament contests.

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