Players will be able to define their own race tracks in Upland for players to race upon. The great thing about Upland is that the metaverse is mapped to the real world. Just like using Google Maps or Waze where you are able to plan a trip between specific points on a map in the real world, you will also be able to do that in the metaverse! The racing experience will be fully immersive and 3D enabling you to see the metaverse as the cars race around the track. All the building, outdoor decor and other 3D objects will be visible as your car drives around the track. Moreover, if you have a cafe in view of the racetrack where maybe all the participants gather during race time, you will be able to see the cars racing by in real time.

If you are going to be designing your own race track, it is important to understand how racing works, and how a player can win a car race. Watch this video to learn how to win car races.

If you are investing thought and time into creating your own race track, you will most certainly want people to utilize it. With infinite possibilities of potential race tracks, the question becomes why would people choose to race your specific track? You will want to create a track that provides value to at a minimum one specific group of people. As the supply of different types of race tracks increases, the demand to use each one will decrease. This is true unless you can make your track stand out. Below is a list of different groups of people that could benefit from a racetrack that passes by their property or neighborhood. Make sure to review the speedway metaventure page to learn more about the specific requirements of these speedways and how to register for one.

Once you have thought of the primary groups of people who would benefit from this track, use the checklist below as you begin to think of your race track route.

  • Will your track be circular of have different start and ending locations (it is unclear if having the race end at a different location is an option)
  • Where will the starting location be?
  • Who is the track designed for? Will your track be optimized for a specific car or block explorer trait?
  • What will the track length be?
  • Will the track have long stretches without turns – optimized for speed and acceleration, or many turns optimized for cars that have strong brakeing and handling?
  • Will the track pass through any points of interests – landmarks, metaventures, etc.

See the Upland Guide Maps below where you can find the exact locations of the different racetracks.

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