Speedways are the metaventures that enable players to join a race. Just like all metaventures, in order to access the race, you will need to have your block explorer in range of the start of the speedway. Speedways will be indicated by black dots on the map, and by clicking on it, you will be able to access its overview, length, and have the ability to join the race. Below is a list of the different type of speedways structures and their parameters. Note that the structure is built following Upland’s approval of the speedway. Below the table, you can find instructions on how to create the racetrack in a way that will allow you to submit it to Upland for approval. If you are looking to create your own racetrack, this page can help you to determine how you can make your speedway stand out from your competition. Learn everything about setting up a speedway metaventure here.

NameImageappx structure sizetrack lengthtrack typemin. spark to begin constructionspark hours
Medium Speedway37 UP2 (appx 6 x 6)1-2.5 miles (1.6-4 km)Loop1.025,000

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