Selling FSA

FSA properties are a great way for new players (Visitors and Uplanders) to have an opportunity to mint properties that are not available to everyone. There are FSA properties in all neighborhoods, and can even be part of exclusive and rare collections! There are instances where players with a larger net worth would be willing to buy these properties off new players, often for a large profit.

The ability for players to mint FSA properties as part of a new city release is the best opportunity for them to achieve fast growth. There is a supposed opportunity for a win-win situation when an Uplander sells an FSA property to a well-established player. Ideally, an experienced player would get a property they want, and the Uplander would receive fair market value, as a minimum. It’s important to note that Visitors do not have the ability to sell properties, they must first become an Uplander. See here the different ways to achieve Uplander status.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The Upland community is a very helpful one, but just like in all communities there are people who try to take advantage of new people. Here are some important things to know about why players would want to buy a second-hand FSA property.

  • There are groups of players who try to control and own the majority of a specific neighborhood. They hope to work together to develop that neighborhood in the future. One of the future features in Upland will be additional neighborhood collections. These collections will be spawned when a neighborhood reaches a certain thresh hold of development. This is based on number of structures, types of structures and the amount of people who designate the neighborhood as their primary residence. In order for them to gain a larger percentage ownership of a neighborhood, they have no choice but to buy these FSA properties off the secondary market.
  • Some players collect specific types of properties, whether it be a property with their favorite number or street, their childhood home, a property that have special shapes, or a cool street view, these might have special meaning to some. The property might happen to be FSA and therefore they would need to find someone to buy it for them if it hasn’t already been minted.
  • Some people are looking to pay it forward. Before the Upland Guide and other resources came into existence, the only way to learn was personal mentoring within the game. Many original players are genuinely looking to help other players in the community. It is in everyone’s best interest that the Upland Metaverse succeeds in reaching its goals. Many players have invested lots of time and money into the game, and they hope to continue to see a return on their investments in the long term. These players are typically well known especially in the Discord community and have a lot of experience in the game, and most importantly have good reputations!
  • Players who start out and aren’t interested in investing money have no choice but to try and sell some of their properties for an immediate short term profit. Players with a larger net worth might see long term value in these properties and are willing to pay the initial markup in the hopes that in the long term that property will appreciate in value beyond what they had paid for it. The same is most certainly true for collection properties, and potential collection properties prior to the collection reveal in a vanilla city release.

    If there are two similar properties close by, where the only difference is that one is FSA and the other is not, Dale the Llama’s recommendation is always to mint non-FSA property. There is no advantage to the FSA property aside from the fact that a player that has reached Pro is unable to mint it. In fact, the restrictions on these FSA properties could be harmful to your growth in the game, since you are only able to sell 2 FSA properties each week, and if you wish to sell the property for USD, you must wait 6 months. If you would have minted a non-FSA property, you would not be bound by these restriction.

It is extremely important to not blindly agree and follow along with the first offer you receive for someone looking to purchase an FSA property. Receiving even 200% markup on these properties may in fact be undervaluing your property. On top of that, your inability to sell more than 2 every week can put you in a position where you are unable to grow fast.

Secondly, if you are looking to make 2 FSA sales every week, note that the FSA week resets on Mondays at 12:00 AM UTC. If by Sunday your property has yet to sell, you may be forced to significantly lower your sales price in order to sell and try and make even a small profit. Having lots of UPX tied up in FSA properties might mean that without outside further investments, liquidating many FSA properties might become a slow process. If your properties are not in high valued neighborhoods you may find it difficult to grow your net worth

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