Having a structure is important in Upland, as you will want a place to call home in the Metaverse. Structures are also used to host metaventures, or in game businesses. In the future your home will also function as a place to show off you Legits and other NFTs. In order to build a structure, you require spark. Read all about spark and how to get some here. The following are the different types of structures that exist in Upland.

Upland has introduced opportunities for players to design new structure types that were voted upon by the community. Winning designs were entered into the metaverse as building options that all players can choose to build their homes. Check out some of the contest winners, and their designs here.

Before you decide on your building type to build, if you only have a small amount of spark, consider watching this video where I explain why one might want to avoid building an apartment building, or any other structure that has a long build time.

If you are looking to become an active participant in the spark economy, watch this video to learn See below the different structures you are able to build and their spark requirements. Make sure to check out the playground where you can test to see if a structure you are looking to build fits on a property. The best part of the playground is that you can test out any property – not just one you own.

Structure NameAvailable cityLiving Units
Total Spark Hours
Minimum Stake for constructionMaximum Stake for construction
Metaventure asset capacity
Small Townhouse (flat roof)All19500.11040
Small Townhouse (slope roof)
Luxury Modern HouseAll130000.32580
Luxury Ranch HouseAll130000.32580
micro houseAll15000.0524N/A
Cannot support a metaventure
craftsman houseBakersfield117000.1513
BigNick Midcentury Ranch House
Contemporary HouseStaten Island130000.2515
Manty MansionNashville132000.2515
Manty CottageBronx132000.2515
Chic Hollywood HillsLos Angeles130000.2514
Super Luxury Ranch HouseNew Orleans137000.316
Victorian HouseSanta Clara139000.316
Williamsburg TownhouseBrooklyn330000.2515
Sera Design PostmodernOakland341000.3516
Assassins CourtyardChicago439000.316
Residential TowerCleveland844000.3517
Cmavs KcadKansas City856000.4518
Mavs PerchManhattan1080000.522
Lilicorp TowerSan Francisco10103000.524
Small Factory IAllN/A86000.522Does not support Structure Ornaments
Small Factory IIAllN/A92000.522Does not support Structure Ornaments
Medium Factory IAllN/A176000.532
Medium Factory IIAllN/A14,9000.5
Large Factory IAllN/A220000.5
Large Factory IVAllN/A56,2000.5
Small Showroom 1AllN/A66000.520
Does not support sale of cars
Small Showroom 2AllN/A63000.520
Does not support sale of cars
Medium Showroom IAllN/A99000.524
Medium Showroom IIAllN/A62000.5
Large Showroom IAllN/A11,7000.526