Spark Week

Spark week is something that Upland has almost on a monthly basis. These weeks give players an opportunity to obtain more spark through different activities. Spark is a very important resource in Upland that enables you to construct non living objects – homes, outdoor decor for your properties, cars, and more in the future. Spark will also be the resource required to power your car. Learn more about spark by reading this page, or by checking out our YouTube playlist that describes everything about spark. Take the Upland Guide quiz to test your knowledge.

Spark week is the ideal time to join the metaverse. Learn about all the bonuses you can receive when signing up for Upland with our referral code.

To find out when spark week is, check out Upland’s events calendar. In addition, watch this quick video to find out how to access this page through the game itself.

During the spark week you can expect to find bonus spark for leveling up your status, a general sale for spark, and special sparked up treasure hunts. In addition to this, you can also expect to find other contests that provide winners with spark or other bonuses. Continue reading to learn more or watch the video below.

As of November 2022 players will be required to verify their identity (commonly called KYC, or know your customer) in order to receive spark through many of these activities that provide you with spark. Read more here as to how to begin the verification process and other activities in Upland that require this KYC process.

As of July 2022 during spark up treasure hunting, the double riot mode bonuses will not be enables for these specific hunts.