Terraformers & Wizards

Terraformers and Wizards are rare types of block explorers in Upland. They are introduced only when a large milestone in Upland is reached with the release of a new feature.

The very first terraformers commemorate the construction of Upland City Hall in San Francisco and are pictured below.. Each new feature has 2 different terraformers sold – a head, and a machine. Below are the Dozer Head (left) and Dozer Machine (right). Terraformers are sold from the Upland store. A terraformer historically costs $1,000 USD, and in addition to the terraformer you also get 1,000,000 UPX. Terraformers are extremely rare, and only have 5 mints of each type.

Wizard block explorers also commemorate the introduction of new features. Below the Car NFT Wizard block explorer is pictured. It was awarded to the top 200 finishers in the Light it Up treasure hunt. The other Wizard block explorers are typically awarded to players through some sort of event or competition.

If you are looking to buy or sell either a terraformer or wizard block explorer, Dale’s Deluxe Drivers, our premium block explorer metaventure in Manhattan specializes in these rare and important block explorers. A complete list of block explorers, details of their origin, and how they were obtained can be found in our block explorer directory.

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