As you begin to level up, the game begins to change, and so will your strategy. There is no right or wrong strategy and there is no way to “win” at Upland. Don’t be discouraged when you see players with a net worth of millions of UPX. You don’t know how much money they have invested, or how long they have been playing for. There is a place for everyone in Upland. This page will detail what you are able to do at each status, as well as some common strategies to help you get to the next level

There are 8 different statuses in Upland: Note that the in game currency UPX is valued at $1 USD = 1000 UPX. (the cryptocurrency UPX is not related and a mere coincidence)

Where net worth is the sum of the following:

  1. Your total UPX value (the amount of liquid UPX you have).
  2. Property value. This is the total amount of UPX spent on properties (minting + secondary market values)

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