Upland UPX Store

The Upland UPX Store is where you can not only purchase UPX, but also Upland advertised items. Things like certain Legits bundles, new city terminals, landmarks, and more often go on sale here. The three categories of items that can be purchased are UPX, Extras, and Specials. When there is a special item on sale, you can see the red dot indicating the number of items that are on sale.


UPX is Upland’s in game token. It can be purchased with USD or crypto. Note that if you are looking to purchase over $100 worth of UPX, you must use the browser version of the game and not the app. You are able to integrate your MetaMask wallet in order to purchase UPX with crypto. In the app, these other options are not even visible. If you are looking to earn UPX without buying it from the store, here is a detailed list of ways you can earn in the metaverse.


Sends can be purchased for fiat currency at a price of $0.99 for 10 sends. The maximum number of sends you can collect in game at any given time is 11. If you decide to purchase sends then you can hold more. It’s important to note that there is a maximum number of sends that you can use in a given 24 hour period of approximately 80, depending on the city. Keep that in mind if you decide to purchase sends. Learn more about how sends work and finding them on the map here.


Upland often has special sales for in game assets like spark (which is only sold during spark week), landmarks, city terminals, block explorers, etc. Many global sales for items that are in collaboration with Upland’s official partners are sold here. You are often required to register for the sale to obtain a spot in line, as the sales are not on a first come, first serve basis. Learn below how to register and purchase things like Legits bundles. If you are looking to learn how to purchase spark, watch this video.

purchasing legits bundles by Upland Guide