Minting Upland Football/Soccer Mementos

Soccer Player Mementos and legits function similarly to those of the NFLPA. You can learn all about what Mementos are here. Essentially, they are one of a kind Legits that are minted for a specific game that the player played in. These Legits include some of the player statistics from his performance. These mementos increase your fan points and are a great addition to include in future collections to gain an additional boost in your fan points. Having a high fan points ranking for a specific team will increase your chances in being able to mint mementos during the early sale as well as to receive digital autographs from players on that team. Learn more about all the different types of soccer Legits here.

One of the ways that soccer Mementos function different from NFLPA mementos is that in soccer mementos you are not minting a single memento, but a bundle that includes one memento and several essentials.

Below is the detailed process and everything you need to know about minting mementos.

Why do this? What are the objectives?
  • Collect unique 1 of 1 Mementos of your favorite soccer players
  • Complete collections to increase your fan score. (the link details NFLPA collections.  Soccer collections are a future feature)
  • Increase your Fan Score. Here are some reasons you would want to increase your score.
    • Increased chance of minting future mementos.
    • Increase chance to get your Legit Autographed (future feature)
    • Receive UPX bonus for making collections (future feature)
    • Buy, sell, trade, have fun with Legits!
What resources are required?
  • Legits of the team that you want to mint (Having  a higher fan score of a specific team will increase your likelihood of being one of the first to mint memetos of that team if you register early for the memento sale)
  • UPX and sends required to travel to the city and stadium.
  • UPX to mint the legit
  • Upland Guide Travel bot to find the cheapest and fastest route to the stadium.
Who is involved?

Only you are required to register and mint mementos

What inputs are received?
  • You must know the registration time, and stadium address.
  • You must travel to the stadium to mint the Mementos (but not to register)
  • You must have the necessary UPX and sends to travel to the stadium
  • Required UPX to mint the Memento
What outputs are produced?
  • The memento you purchased with its specific statistics minted to it from that specific game.  Note that the delivery of the memento itself takes a number of days after the game has been played.
  • An increase in fan score from that specific memento
  • A temporary decrease in fan score if you are part of the top 100 players for that team in the early sale.
How is it done?

The process below describes how to register for minting mementos as part of the early sale and how to mint a memento bundle.  The sales process is broken down into 3 different sales:

        1. Early sale - This is for players who have registered for the early sale only.  Based on your spot in the lineup, you will receive a notification when it is your turn in line to mint a memento from the team you registered for.  If you happened to be in the top 200 spots in line for the early sale you will have a fan score penalty for that specific team. Your fan score will temporarily be decreased for any of the next four games for that same team. If in the subsequent weeks while still having a penalized fan score, you are again selected among the top 200, the fan score penalty will stack. Please also note that the penalty is higher depending on your position; players who are 1st in line will receive the highest temporary penalty.
        2. Limited sale - At the end of the early sale if there are still Mementos available to mint, any player will be able to mint them. After you mint one, there will be a cool down period before you will be able to mint again.
        3. Unlimited sale - If there are still Mementos available after the limited sale, typically several hours after the football game ends, players can mint Mementos without a cool down restriction. This sale will last up to 48 hours after the game ends.

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