Football (soccer) Essential

Essentials are digital collectible NFTs that are not limited by the number of mints, but rather in seasonality or time.

Learn more in the video below everything you need to know about these essentials. Furthermore, below the video are detailed instructions on how to mint essentials, and the fan score for different tiers of players.

TypeTierShirt Fan PointsBoots Fan Points
EssentialSuperstar 1240200
EssentialSuperstar 2-3210175

Follow the steps below to learn how to mint essentials

Why do this? What are the objectives?
  • Collect unique 1 of 1 Mementos of your favorite soccer players
  • Complete collections to increase your fan score. (the link details NFLPA collections.  Soccer collections are a future feature)
  • Increase your Fan Score. Here are some reasons you would want to increase your score.
    • Increased chance of minting future mementos.
    • Increase chance to get your Legit Autographed (future feature)
    • Receive bonus for making collections (future feature)
    • Buy, sell, trade, have fun with Legits!
What resources are required?
  • UPX and sends required to travel to the city and stadium.
  • UPX to mint the bundle
  • Upland Guide Travel bot to find the cheapest and fastest route to the stadium.
Who is involved?

Only you are required to mint essentials

What inputs are received?
  • You must travel to the team's home stadium to mint essentials.
  • You must have the necessary UPX and sends to travel to the stadium
  • Required UPX to mint the Essential bundle
What outputs are produced?
  • The essentials that you minted as part of the bundle.
  • An increase in fan score from those specific essentials
How is it done?

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