Types of Football (Soccer) Legits

This page describes all the different types of football Leigts – Essentials, mementos, replicas, and autographs. Some of the features are still in development, and there is still limited information regarding their functionality. If you have already read the page about how digital collectible NFTs will replace original trading cards, you know that NFTs allow for so much more. Here we will break down the different types of Upland Legits and based on Upland’s introduction of Legits and the presentation provided during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the CEO, we will summarize in how these NFTs will function within the game, and speculate beyond what was said. Additional information was added based on the Upland NFLPA Legits Handbook; we can expect these football legits to function in a very similar manner.

If you are familiar with the different types of Legits, head over to these pages to learn how to mint essentials and mementos.

Disclaimer – wherever speculation is noted, the Upland Guide is guessing based on Upland’s description of Legits, as well as the Upland Guide’s understanding of other blockchain NFT projects and games that focus around fantasy sports. This page was last updated in October 2022.

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