Upland Guide’s Beginners Guide to Football

Upland is an incredible Metaverse that makes the world become more connected. In the real world we all live in different cities and countries, but in the Metaverse an Australian, Italian and Japanese person can all be neighbors. Being a part of this Metaverse forces us to do our own research and learn about these new cities we all inhabit. We start learning about US cities, their landmarks, its culture, and their sports. NFL Player Legits is the beginning of an exciting partnership with Upland, and provides an opportunity for people who aren’t familiar with this exciting sport the opportunity to learn a bit about it.

Similar to how many players probably have never heard of some of the first cities in Upland that were released like Bakersfield or Staten Island, American football is foreign to them. On this page, the Upland Guide will teach you about football through the in game mechanics. What do the statistics mean on the back of Mementos? What is the meaning behind the collection name “chain movers“? What is the difference between a Safety and a Cornerback? In order to actively participate in the Legits marketplace, it is important to be able to have a basic understanding of these things.

There is a lot to know about football, and the Upland Guide is continuing to create new content regularly. Join our Discord server. In addition to updating you when new content is available, we have team specific channels and a real time NFL scores and news bot. We invite you to join our server not to miss out on anything NFL related.

More content will be added regularly.

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