Neighborhood Ratings

In Upland, it pays to be part of active communities. With dozens of cities, and thousands of neighborhoods, how do you determine which ones are the best? Upland has come up with a neighborhood rating system that rewards property holders of neighborhoods that excel in creating value as a community for Uplanders. It’s not just pride that is at stake, but these neighborhoods will spawn new collections providing property holders with one time UPX collection bonuses as well as boosted yield earnings. Continue reading below to see the different metrics that are used to determine the ratings, as well as how these new collections will function. To see the active Upland rankings, click here.

Every month, the top community based on the metrics below, that has yet to spawn a collection (whether it be through this method, or the neighborhood being a predefined collection neighborhood when the city was released) will spawn a new standard collection. Players who are able to complete the collection (holding between 2-4 properties in neighborhood depending on its size) will earn a one time 450 UPX bonus, and an increase in boosted yield earning multiplier. Learn more about collections here.

Simultaneously to that monthly competition, neighborhoods that already have collections (either through the competition above, or it was a predefined neighborhood collection at the city release) are in competition for additional boosted earnings and the opportunity for the neighborhood to increase in collection rarity (ex: upgrading from exclusive to rare collection).

Neighborhoods that excel in the metrics below are ones that have the best opportunity to spawn new collection. In order to do that, players will need to coordinate and work together to increase the neighborhood rating. This is not something that can be achieved by a small handful of players – it truly will be a community effort. Any player who own properties in these newly spawned neighborhood collections are able to benefit – it is not restricted to players who have set that neighborhood as their home address.

It is not disclosed the exact formula as to how the neighborhood scores are calculated. It is likely that the different metrics are weighted differently, thus making some more important than others. Instead of players trying to crack the code of how the calculation works, they should be more focused on working together to grow their community. Here is a video I created detailing how I would improve these metrics.

It is important to note that the metrics below are for the first competition only – to spawn a new collection. Once a collection is spawned, it will be entered into the collection upgrade competition which will measure the month-over-month percentage growth in these metrics. More on that when Upland announced more details. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a list of all the neighborhoods that have spawned collections.

As with all of Upland’s new features, do not be surprised if these metrics are modified in the future, or have additions to them as new features are introduced that could potentially affect neighborhood ratings.

Check out the Upland Guide Maps to learn more about some of the existing neighborhood nodes in the metaverse, metaventures, and speedways.

OrderYearMonthCityNeighborhoodScoreLink to blog post
12023AprilLos AngelesPlaya Del Rey13.475Link
32023JuneQueensHoward Beach13.459Link
42023JulyLos AngelesCentury City13.3733Link
52023AugustManhattanHell’s Kitchen13.3442Link
62023SeptemberLondonSt. James
72023OctoberRio de JaneiroMonero
92023DecemberLos AngelesDowntown13.4094Link
102024JanuaryBrooklynRed Hook13.4094Link
112024FebruarySan FranciscoMerced Manor13.2809Link
122024MarchSan FranciscoMidtown TerraceLink

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