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In order to race in the metaverse, you do require a car, but even if you don’t have one yet, you can still be a spectator. Racing is still in its alpha testing mode, and at the moment racing is just for fun. As the development of the game continues we can expect many new exciting features which will include ways to train your driver, and earn by winning races. There are currently 5 different racetracks that exist within Upland:

  • Marina Run – San Francisco
  • Genesis Loop – San Francisco
  • Mission District – San Francisco
  • Bullitt Car Chase Loop – San Francisco
  • Portage Park Raceway – Chicago

Check out the Upland Guide Map below to see details about all these racetracks, and other unofficial racetracks that communities are already beginning to prepare for. Players will be able to create their own racetracks within the game. Learn more designing your own racetrack here. Below the map you are able to learn more about the process of creating or joining a race.

Why do this? What are the objectives?
  • Car racing is still currently in Alpha testing.
  • At the moment competitive racing can be done against other players.  There are no in game rewards for winners. Racing is done for fun or for stakes defined outside of the in game mechanics.
  • In the future, there will be rewards for players who win car races.  Learn more about what it takes to win a car race.
What resources are required?
  • Each racer must have a vehicle, and a tokenized block explorer.
  • Discord or other communication platform if you wish to communicate with other to coordinate a race, or to chat while racing.
Who is involved?
  • A race host (the player who creates the race)
  • up to 5 additional players who will compete in the race
  • Optional - race spectators who watch, but do not race.
What inputs are received?

For the race host:

  • The specific track you wish to race
  • The specific time you want to race (assuming you are coordinating a race with several friends).
  • If you desire all players to complete a qualifying lap prior to the race
  • If you wish to allow AI opponents, when there will be less than 6 total racers
  • If the race will be private or public

All racers:

  • The details of the race (all details above)
  • The private code (for private races) - obtained from the race host
  • The car you wish race
  • The block explorer you wish to race
What outputs are produced?
  • Winner, rankings of the race as well as individual overall times.

In the future, players will be able to earn by winning a race.  Potential downside of racing include damaging your car during racing, regular use, decreasing parameters or lifetime value of the car, requires spark to refuel the vehicle.

How is it done?


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