Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Before signing up
  2. Earnings
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  6. NFTs

Before signing up

Where else can I be connected to the Upland Guide?

The best place to find us is on our Discord server. Click here to see some of the things our server has to offer. You can also find us on Twitter, and Instagram.

I want to start playing, but I don’t know what to do.

You have come to the right place! Check out the promotions the Upland Guide provides when signing up with our referral code. This page also directs you to other important information you should think of before entering the Upland Metaverse.

Why should I sign up with a referral code?

If you use a referral code when signing up, Upland will reward you with an additional 50% UPX on your first purchase of UPX. For example, if you spend $10 to buy upx, you will get 15,000 UPX on your first purchase. (In Upland, $1 = 1,000 UPX). In addition to the Upland bonus you can receive additional bonuses from the Upland Guide – even if you choose not to spend money! Find out more about the additional bonuses here.

How long will it take to get to Uplander status?

In order to benefit from all of Upland’s features, you must be an Uplander. To reach Uplander status you must reach an in game net worth of 10,000 UPX. Until then, you are unable to sell any properties you own. The easiest way to reach uplander status is to purchase any amount of UPX. Even the minimum amount will likely get you to Uplander status. Read this page to learn all the different ways of reaching Uplander status.

I don’t want to spend money, how can I get more UPX?

There are a number of services that provide players with in game loans of UPX. Typically this involves you using an existing property as collateral. These services and other can be found in the business section of the Upland Guide Directory. You can also find them on our Discord server.

What city should I start in?

To answer this question, you should know how much money (if any) you will put into the game, and what is your initial strategy. Upland is a dynamic game, and on any given day the answer to this question can change. We suggest joining the discord and getting feedback from other players. Feel free to email us for our suggestion, but please include the answer to the two questions above so we can make sure to provide the best answer for you. While its not easy to say where to start, we can tell you where not to start – here is a list of all the cities in Upland and their status.

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How do I earn fiat (USD) in Upland?

Fill out the form to register to become part of the fiat out program enabling you to list and sell your properties for USD. The onboarding process typically takes only a few days. Before you can list a property for sale in Upland for USD, you must own that property for a specified number of days based on your status in Upland. Upland uses the service Tilia Pay to support this program. After you make a sale, you are able to withdraw your funds through Tilia

  • Uplander – 30 days
  • Pro – 14 days
  • Director – 7 days
  • Executive and Chief Executive – 3 days

Click here for a full breakdown on all the ways to earn USD in Upland.

How do I earn UPX in Upland?

UPX is the Upland in game currency (not to be confused with the crypto coin of the same name. They are unrelated). When you purchase a property in Upland you begin to earn 17.28% yield on the mint price of the property. This can be collected every 3 hours. There are collection properties that provide a boost on the base yield, thus increasing your earnings if you hold the collection. This is the easiest way to earn. Selling properties on the secondary market can also be an excellent way to increase your earnings much more quickly.

Click here for a full breakdown on all the ways to earn UPX in Upland.

How do I earn spark and what is it?

Spark a resource this is required to build inanimate objects. At the moment only homes can be built, but in the future we can expect outdoor decor and cars as well. Spark is the equivalent to man hours. If you want to build a home on your property, you require spark hours. The spark you own is yours and never gets used up. After completing a building, it gets returned to you. Spark can be bought during special sales, and won through treasure hunting. Read more about spark here.

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Playing for free

Why is it taking so long to become an uplander?

The easiest way to reach uplander status is to purchase a minimum of $5 worth of UPX. This along with purchasing your first property will make you an uplander immediately. If you are playing for free, you will have to rely on other more difficult methods to reach Uplander status. Read this page to learn all the different ways of reaching Uplander status. We recommend joining our Discord server to ask any questions you might have, and to engage in the community.

Why do I have to keep renewing my visa?

As a visitor, you must renew your visa to keep your account active. If you do not log in after 7 days, your account will be automatically deleted. Only once you become an uplander (net worth of 10,000 UPX) will you be the true owner of your properties. At this important stage, a wallet is created for you on the EOS blockchain and your properties officially become yours.

How do I get more people to visit my property?

Receiving visitors to your property should not be viewed as a primary way to earn UPX. there are hundreds of thousands of properties, so the chances someone will randomly visit you is slim. As a visitor, there are a number of groups who help people reach uplander status on the Upland discord server. Once you receive that status, do not expect to receive visits at the same rate. By asking people for visits, you are essentially asking for in game donations. Players are more likely to visit your property if they see that you are putting in the effort – whether it be engaging in the discord channel, creating entertaining memes in order to attract more attention, or offering to sell properties to the visitor once you receive uplander status.

Why can’t I sell my first property?

As a visitor (net worth less than 10,000 UPX), you are unable to sell properties. Only once you reach uplander status are you able to benefit from all the in game features.

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Getting Started


What is “minting” a property?

Minting is defined as the computer process of validating information, creating a new block and recording that information into the blockchain. In layman’s terms in Upland it means being the first person to purchase a property within the game. Any property bought from another player is done so on the secondary market.

What do the numbers in the property card mean?

Those numbers are important to understanding the value of a property. Read here to learn about how to understand the property card.

What are FSA properties?

FSA (Fair Start Act) properties are ones that only visitors and uplanders can mint. Only 2 FSA properties can be listed for sale, sold, or traded each week. The week resets at 12AM Mondays UTS. Read more about these properties and restrictions here.

I can’t find FSA properties.

If you can’t find any FSA properties available to mint, chances are the city you are in is sold out.

I am next to the property, why can’t I mint it?

Below are two properties, both of which have the same color indicating they have not been minted. When clicking on the property you can read underneath the address its status. The property on the left says “This property is not available”, indicating that nobody can mint this property. The property on the right says “This property is out of range”, which means that you can mint the property, but your block explorer must be in range of it. To mint it, send your explorer to neighboring property. When looking up properties to buy on the site does not do a perfect job of differentiating these types of properties. Before sending yourself in range to mint it, its always a good idea to click on the property and verify the status!

Upland property - NA

There are several reasons why a property is listed as not available. Like Wrigley Field, it is a landmark and will likely be sold at an auction by Upland in the future. There are other properties that have bugs or other issues that aren’t available to mint, or other reasons that we aren’t privy to.

How do I know where the best properties are in a new city?

If the collections are know, those are typically the best places to buy, as collection properties are always in demand. The website up2land is a great tool to compare market prices of different properties and neighborhoods. If you are participating in a city launch, where you have the ability to buy any property in the city, we highly suggest you do research as to where the best place is to own real estate. Upland does its best to represent the real world. For example, downtown or waterfront properties are typically high sought after real estate – in Upland, as well as the real world.

Why can’t I list my property to sell for USD?

There are a number of reasons this might occur:

  • You are a visitor, and therefore you are not able to sell any properties until you reach uplander status
  • You are not yet a part of the fiat out program that allows you to buy and sell properties for USD. Register here to enter the program.
  • You are using your phone. Currently you can only list a property for USD when you are logged into the game through your PC
  • You have no own the specific property for 30 days. This is a prerequisite before listing a property for sale for USD.

How much should I sell my property for?

Use the website up2land to see market prices. Keep in mind that when you sell a property, Upland takes a 5% transaction fee from both the buyer and seller. If you are selling FSA properties, it is also important to note that you may only sell (and list for sale, and trade) 2 FSA properties each week. This resets at 12AM Mondays UTC.

If your properties ties into some real world value, like a Starbucks, a waterfront property, etc. there are many people who would consider those to be more valuable properties.

Why won’t anyone buy my property?

There are a number of reasons this might occur:

  • You are asking more than the market price for your property. Use the website up2land to see market prices.
  • Your properties are undesirable. If you joined a city after the city release, chances are all the best properties are already bought up. If you have patience, it might make sense to await the release of the next city in Upland where you have the opportunity to purchase any property if you partake in the release.

How do I find my property ID?

There are 2 ways to find your property ID.
You can find your property ID by looking up your address on up2land and copying the link from the house image as seen in the picture below. The property ID is the number following the equal sign (=). Using the example below, the property ID for 902 Jerome St. is 81341801402480.

example of how to find your upland property id number

Alternatively you can follow the steps below
1. Click the “title” button in game on the property that you own
2. Click “view on blockchain”
3. The property ID is the number to the right of “a45:”

What is Vanilla Mode?

When a new city is released in vanilla mode, it means that the collection properties are not yet known to the community. Read more about vanilla mode here.

I bought my first property, now what?

It is good practice to try and fill the basic collections to receive bonus UPX. You should be wanting to grow your net worth. You should be trying to sell your properties for a profit so that you can buy additional properties. Use the website u2land to see market prices.

Why am I earning UPX at such a slow pace?

You are earning UPX at the rate of 17.28% based on the mint price of the property. This amount can be collected on a 3 hour basis. No need to check in every 3 hours though. It is sitting and waiting for you whenever you want it. Note that if you buy a property on the secondary market for 10,000 UPX, but it’s mint price is 5,000 UPX, you will only be earning the yield based on 5,000 UPX. If your property is part of a collection, you earn a boosted value on top of the 17.28%. If you are looking to earn more, you might want to consider putting money into the game. You will have the ability to purchase more properties and thus potentially grow faster.

How do I treasure hunt?

Through treasure hunting, you are able to win UPX, and sometimes spark. For new players, we do not recommend doing treasure hunts. In order to succeed, it takes practice, and you should own many properties scattered around the same city. Treasure hunting requires you to send your block explorer to search for a treasure in a short period of time. Note that sending your block explorer to your own property is free, and does not require you to lose a send. If you are just starting out, make sure to read the top 5 things to understand before treasure hunting.

What do I get for leveling up to the next status?

Each status upgrade provides you with different benefits. Read about all the Upland statuses here.

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I can’t find any sends / I ran out of sends

If you ran out of sends or have less than 3, after 24 hours, Upland will replenish those 3 sends. You are able to hold a maximum of 11 sends at any given time, and you can collect 40 sends in one day. You can use the website up2land to find sends in your area. It is ill advised to use your last send without sending yourself to another airplane to collect more sends. This is especially critical during new city releases. Read more about sends here.

How do I travel to another city?

Click on the airport or bus terminal in the city in order to send yourself there. Check out the user manual for detailed description and pictures on how to travel between cities.

How do I get to the New York airport?

In order to get to the NYC airport, you must be in Manhattan. From there, zoom out and click on the airport which is to the east of Brooklyn. Check out the user manual for detailed description and pictures on how to travel between cities.

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What are NFTs?

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online, typically with cryptocurrency. Within Upland, your assets (properties, structures, and block explorers) are NFTs. Each one is completely unique, and they are yours to own, as the owner of each NFT can be easily verified on the blockchain.

What are Upland Cards?

They are digital collectible trading card set inspired by Miles B. Chain – Upland’s llama mascot, and other original characters inspired by blockchain and cryptocurrency personalities. Read more about them here.

Why do I want to import NFTs into Upland?

Bring your NFTs into Upland in order to display them in your virtual home or to sell and/or trade them. Read more about NFTs and their uses in Upland here.

How do I import Upland Cards into Upland?

Follow the instructions in the User Manual (choose the NFT portal section in the menu) in order to learn how to connect your wallet to Upland and upload your NFT. You can also watch this video which was created by Upland.

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