NFL Player Legits FAQ

This page will answer all the questions you might have surrounding Upland NFL Player Legits. Let us know if you think there is a question that is missing by sending us an in chat message through the blue button in the bottom right corner, reach out to us on Discord, or send us an email. Below is the complete Upland Guide YouTube playlist explaining everything you need to know about NFL Player Legits. Scroll past the video for the FAQs.

I don't understand American Football, what should I do?

It is important to have a basic understanding of football when getting involved in Legits. If you are looking to sell or trade them in the future, being able to have a basic grasp of the players, positions, statistics will increase your ability to properly value your Legit. Check out Dale the Llama's Beginners Guide to Football. He will teach you the basics as it pertains to Upland.

How do I know if the Legits I own are of players that are good?

If you aren't familiar of the specific player, the most important thing to know is if he is a Contributor, Starter, Key Player or Elite. The Upland Guide has created a listing of players and their Madden Rankings. This is a basic ranking (scale from 0-100) for a video game. This is the easiest way to compare players without having to understand all the statistics and intricacies of the sport.

Where can I buy NFL player Legits?

2020 Legits were sold only through the Upland Store. The first batch of bundles were sold for USD at a 20% discount, and the remaining bundles were sold for UPX. Legits for the 2021 season and beyond are sold individually and can be minted at the team's stadium or NFLPA store. Team's that don't have their host city in Upland yet can mint their Legits in the city that represents their division. Here is a list of these addresses where Legits will be able to be minted.

Uplanders are able to operate fan shops where they sell Legits on the secondary market.  Some of these shops can be found in the Upland Guide Directory.

How can I sell my Legits?

You are able to sell your Legits on consignment in a fan shop.   Some player run fan shops can be found in the Upland Guide Directory.  If you want to open your own fan shop, first learn more about metaventures.

How do I trade my Legits?

Trading Legits can be done by going into another player's assets, selecting the Legit you would like to trade for and click offer trade. NFL player Legits can be traded interchangeably for Spirit Legits or Block explorers. Join the Upland Guide Discord Server as we have a section for trading NFL player Legits where you can connect with other players. Add yourself to our directory, where players can search by team to find Uplanders to trade with.

Why are fan points important?

Fan points are important for the ability to obtain Mementos of your favorite team or player, or to get an autograph. The higher your fan points of a specific team, the higher your probability of you being able to mint a Memento of that team. The higher your fan points of a player will increase the likelihood of you being able to receive his autograph on one of your Legits.

Players with the highest fan score each season per team will earn a special 1 or 3 NFT of that team

How do I increase my fan points?

Fan points can be increased by simply obtaining more of them. Each Legit you own increases your fan points. Completing team collections is another way to add a boost to your fan points.

How do I get a Memento?

For the 2020 season Mementos were purchased as part of bundles. Essential Bundles werethe only ones that did not contain a Memento. The cheapest bundle that does include a Memento is the Game Bundle that costs 80,000 UPX. In the 2021 season, Mementos are minted at the team's stadium or NFLPA store. Watch this video to learn how to mint a Memento.

Mementos can also be bought in Fan Shops, or by trading with other players.

How do I mint an Essential

Essentials are minted in NFLPA stores or stadiums. Click here to see the addresses for each team. Watch this video to learn the process of minting an essential.

What are away jerseys/caps and how do they differ from the home cap/jersey

For Momentos and Replicas, the home/away Legit is determined by the whether the team was the home team or visiting team in the specific game of that Memento/Replica.

For Essentials, when minting in the store you have a 5% chance of obtaining an away variant.  These variants are required to complete the Variant collection.

Learn more in this video.

How do I get a Replica?

Replicas can be created by burning 5 Essential Legits. This functionality does not yet exist in Upland.

How do I get a Legit autographed?

Read more about autographs here. You cannot get your Legits autographed yet.

How do I create Legit collections?

Read more about collections here. You cannot set collections yet within Upland.

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