Beginner Spark Quiz

If you think you are ready to start your life in the Metaverse, here is a quick quiz to take to make sure you know about the most important token in the game – spark! Learn more about spark here before taking the quiz.

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Make sure you understand that basics of spark.

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1) How much spark is required to build the smallest structure in Upland?

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2) When you level up your status to pro (100,000 UPX net worth) you will always get a spark bonus

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3) Spark can be purchased from the Upland store for UPX

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4) You can sell your spark to another player.

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5) When you demolish a structure you lose your spark

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6) If I have one spark staked on my building and the completion time is 40 days, how long will the construction take if I added 3 more spark for a total of 4 spark staked?

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7) Spark can be found in standard treasure hunts

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8) If you level up your status during spark week, when will you receive the spark?

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9) When you win spark in treasure hunting, you receive the spark immediately.

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10) Having a structure on your property increases your monthly earnings on that property.

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