Upland Map Asset Directory

Map assets are 3D NFTs created in Upland within factories and are produced using spark. This page details all the map asset sets sold by Upland, some of which in partnership with Upland’s official partners. Once purchased by players, they can be resold in player run showrooms. This page details the origin and all the details of how each of the map asset collections came to be. You can read the initial announcement and all the original details, get a sense of the quantities and original prices.

Beyond the visual appeal that these map assets can have on your property, players are free to utilize these assets and create utility around them. Learn more about how you can add value to these types of items in this video below describing dev shops and layer 2. Make sure to also check out the Upland Guide designed map assets.

DateNameDescriptionPartnerTotal Supply of assetsNumber of unique modelsOriginal mint price range
November 2022FIFA World Cup Outdoor Decor – Show Your ColorsMosaicsFIFA9,0001084,200 – 21,000 UPX
November 2022FIFA World Cup Outdoor Decor – Show Your ColorsStatueFIFA200175,000 UPX
November 2022FIFA World Cup Outdoor Decor – Show Your ColorsCanvas flagsFIFA1,9203242,000 UPX
December 2022FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Fan Score ChallengeFan Score Challenge TrophiesFIFA62N/A – Awarded to winners of Global and Weekly Fan Score Challenge
December 2022UNICEF Winter GnomesChristmas themed gnomesUNICEF Brazil12601226,250 UPX
February 2023NFLPA Global Fan ScoreGlobal Fan Score CompetitionNFLPA11N/A – Awarded to winner of Global Fan Score Challenge for the 2022 NFL season
May 2023Lights Up Upland With Mother’s Day Map AssetsLight Fixtures that not only illuminate your properties but also spread awareness about breast cancer.Susan G. Komen540185,000 – 10,000 UPX
May 2023London Map AssetsChess piecesN/A1,3442610,000 – 40,000 UPX (plus contest giveaways)
August 2023FIFA Women’s World Cup AU-NZ 2023 Fan Score ChallengeFan Score Challenge TrophiesFIFA514N/A – Awarded to winners of Global and Weekly Fan Score Challenge
September 2023Tokyo Map Assets ChallengeTokyo Map AssetsN/A54012N/A – Reward for players who competed in the Tokyo Map Asset Challenge
October 2023Halloween 2023 Map AssetsHalloween 2023N/A480830,000 UPX / $30. Halloween Bundle contains a unique mix of 2 NFTs, including one Block Explorer and an additional NFT (60% chance for a Map Asset, 40% chance for a Wearable legit).
November 2023Thanksgiving 2023Thanksgiving 2023N/A450520,000 UPX / $20. Thanksgiving bundle contains one block explorer + (75% chance of map asset or 25% chance of wearable)
December 2023Uplandia Miami QuestUplandiaUplandia1053N/A – Obtained through completing challenges
December 20232023 Winter Bundle SaleWinter Season 2023N/A675315,000-33,000 UPX / $15-$33. Halloween Bundle contains a unique mix of 2 NFTs, with 25% chance of receiving a map asset
January 2024Robotz RevolutionRobotzN/A900 sold – assets were burnable, so actual supply is less3$25 USD & 25K UPX. Bundle included one map asset and either a block explorer or a wearable
February 2024Monster Mayhem MadnessMonster map assets in coordination with the announcement of monster trucks as vehiclesN/A360 assets sold as part of bundles that included a block explorer6$24 bundle including one map asset and one block explorer.
April 2024Blossom Season Retro-futuristic Map AssetsRetro futuristic map assetsN/A – Blossom SeasonExclusive sale of 900 map assets for players who purchased ornament + block explorer bundles610,000 UPX