Factories in the Upland metaverse play an important role in the Upland economy. Spark is the resource that not only builds the factory, but acts as a factory worker to build items such as map assets, karts, structure ornaments and any other non-living item. Everything you need to know about manufacturing and setting up a metaventure in Upland can be found here.

Factories function in a different manner compared to other structures. As you begin your construction, you must define your inventory lot. This is a rectangular space on the property but not overlapping the factory itself where the manufactured items themselves are placed and stored after they have completed production. These items will have to be shipped to showrooms to be sold. Pro tip – when you start construction of a factory, write down your inventory lot size – it will come in handy in the future.

Below you can see the maximum spark staking ability for each structure type. This will dictate how quickly you will be able to produce items. Make sure to check out the playground where you can test to see if the factory you are looking to build fits on a property – any property, not specifically one you own. In the table below you can see the different sized factories, and the maximum spark staking for item production. It is really important to know that Upland will not be able to accommodate factory transfers if a player decides they want to upgrade their metaventure to a larger factory, so please carefully consider which size of factory you want to build.

Its important to note that even though the max staking for some of these factories are quite low, and that you only need 0.5 spark to start building a factory, you need 5 spark to open a factory metaventure. Learn more about those here before you look to open your first factory.

Once you have successfully opened your factory metaventure, each item you wish to manufacture must be submitted for approval individually. Learn more about the design guidelines here.

Factory NameApproximate footprint (UP2)Max spark staking (item production)Comments
Small Factory I9 x 9.52Can ONLY manufacture map assets
Small Factory II14 x 144Can ONLY manufacture map assets
Medium Factory I21 x 2110
Medium Factory II15 x 258
Large Factory I35 x 2225
Large Factory IV45

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