Legit Pass Exchange for Mementos, Spotlights or Totems

Legits Passes are vouchers that can be exchanged for Mementos, Spotlights or Totems. This web page will will explain everything mentioned in that previous sentence.

Legits – These are a product line of assets in the Upland metaverse that refer to a type of NFT that can have both an element of collectability and utility.

Passes are vouchers – Passes are a specific type of Legit that function like a voucher would. You are able to purchase Passes ahead of a specific event, where it can be redeemed for the item itself after the event has occurred.

That can be exchanged for – This refers to the act of trading in one (or potentially more than one) Pass asset to receive a different asset type.

Mementos – Mementos are a type of Legit that commemorates a specific moment or event – for example, a player’s performance in a specific game with NFLPA player mementos. This is done by having the player’s statistics from said game included as part of the NFT Legit.

Spotlights – Spotlights are a special type of Memento in the fact that in addition to it commemorating a specific moment or event, the visual representation of the Legit is not a 2D image, but a video. This could be an official FIFA World Cup winning goal, or a music video from a specific musician’s concert (ex – Luiza Possi)

Totems – Totems are map assets that are able to generate protem – the initial token that will be redeemable for stem – the future token that will power life in the metaverse.

To summarize, players are able to pre-purchase Passes that can be exchanged for a Memento, Spotlight or Totem from a specific set of items. Passes are sold prior to the event, thus guaranteeing you a item from the event itself. Its important to understand what each pass sale provides you with, as exchanging a pass is the basic mechanic and each sale can provide pass holders with different opportunities.

For example, purchasing a FIFA World Cup Group A Pass would guarantee you a Memento, or spotlight from a game that was played in part of the group A stage of the FIFA World Cup tournament. A second example would be to purchase a pass from Luiza Possi that would guarantee you a spotlight of a random rarity of an exclusive music video. Some rarities can unlock real world real world benefits like back stage VIP access to her concert.

Learn below how to exchange a Pass for a Memento/Spotlight/Totem.

Exchange a pass for memento by Upland Guide