Totems are map assets that are able to generate protem – the initial token that will be redeemable for stem – the future token that will power life in the metaverse. There are a total of 5,555 totems in Upland, and each one of them is unique. The combination of the numerous variants of the 5 different traits create these completely unique items. All the traits and variants can be seen in the graphic below and learn more about each of the 5 traits here.

The ability for your totem to generate protem is dependent on the initial traits, but also how you interact with it. During each totem cycle (30 days), you will have the opportunity to feed your totem protem. Your consistency of feeding protem at the optimum times based on the traits, will generate additional protem that also must be collected. By understanding your totem you will work to optimize the feeding times and frequencies as well as optimum collection times to maximize your protem yield. Once the stem token is introduced, all your protem will be exchanged to stem.

Passes were exchanged for random totems. Passes are tradeable in Variety Legits Metaventures, and the totems as map assets can be bought and sold in map asset showrooms.

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