Top 5 Mistakes Made During New City Releases

New city releases are exciting and provide lots of opportunity for massive growth – especially as an uplander. Read here about how to prepare for a new city release and some basic strategies.

Even if you have participated in other city releases before, everyone is prone to make mistakes. Here are the Upland Guide’s top 5 mistakes to avoid. If you think we are missing something, let us know by sending us a message – click the blue button in the bottom right corner. Maybe this will grow to top 10 mistakes.

  1. Game speed: This one is really easy to fix. New city releases are a race, so you want to be able to mint properties as fast as possible. Make sure you turn off the following settings to ensure that the game runs as fast and smooth as possible:
    • Show other exploreres
    • Show ownership celebration
    • Show 3D objects
    • Enhanced graphics
  2. Not beginning with maximum sends: Before you travel to the new city in preparation for the release, make sure you maximize your sends. The last thing you want is for your block explorer to be stuck wandering around without the ability to send yourself somewhere else because you forgot to collect sends. You can find sends here, and learn more about send and visits here.
  3. Wasting time by sending: If you see an area that is quickly being minted and you want to get in on that action the way of getting there is by sending yourself to an already minted property. By the time your block explorer arrives, the other players have continued to mint and they probably minted the property you wanted! If you need to use a send to get yourself somewhere popular chances are you are two steps behind. On top of that, you probably just wasted a send. There is an element of luck in new city releases.
  4. Buying only FSA properties: FSA properties are an excellent feature in Upland. They ensure that new players have properties that only they can mint. This prevents players with much larger net worth and cash on hand from buying entire neighborhoods. For uplanders, if you see two neighboring properties of equal value but one is an FSA and the other is not, your preference should be to mint the non-FSA one first. It will not be bound by the selling restrictions.
  5. Spending all your money: Don’t get carried away. There will always be more properties to buy. You will never have enough money. Think long term – there will be new cities, and you will want to buy properties there too. It’s nice to grow quickly, but grow at the pace that your wallet will allow. Also always have some UPX on hand if you see a deal that you can’t pass up.

Beginner Bonus Tip

If you are selling FSA properties, you are only able to sell 2 ever week. If your goal is to sell all your FSA properties it could take a while. If you are making deals with other players, beware of this restriction, and make sure that they are not taking advantage of you. If you mint a property for 1500 UPX and only get a 50% return on it, it doesn’t leave you a great opportunity to grow. Make sure you also benefit from any deal.

If you are just joining the Upland Metaverse, we highly recommend investing some money, even if it is $5 or $10. The more UPX you start with in a new city release reduces your dependency on others. If you miss out on the prime real estate, it could take you several weeks of flipping these FSA properties to grow. Check out the bonuses that the Upland Guide provides when you join Upland with our referral link.

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