NFLPA Legit Mementos can be obtained through the pass exchange. Prior to the 2023 NFL season, Mementos were minted directly from the relevant stadium (learn about that process here). With the introduction of passes, the way in which to obtain your favorite player’s memento has changed from years past.

Pass Legits and Mementos can be purchased from other players in NFLPA Fan Shops located all across the metaverse, but if you are looking to mint a Memento, you must first own a Pass Legit. To mint a Pass Legit, you must first purchase a Starter/Pro/Pass Bundle from the Upland Store. Note that not all of these bundles will guarantee you a pass, so click the link to learn more. These bundles are on sale for each specific week of the NFL season. Once the NFL Week finishes, any unsold bundles from that week will be discontinued, and bundles from the upcoming week will go on sale. If you are lucky enough to obtain a Pass Legit from that bundle, the Pass will be of a specific randomized team, and of the specific week of the season in which the bundle was purchase from.

Following the completion of the NFL Week, Upland will prepare the relevant mementos that include game statistics, and then the passes will be eligible for exchange. If you are brand new to Passes and Mementos, learn more about what they are all about here. See the bottom of this page to learn how to exchange your pass. The Memento you receive is dependent not only on the Pass you exchange, but also your team fan score.

As mentioned above, the Pass Legit is of a specific team and week. For example, if you receive a Pass Legit of New England Week 6 from a bundle, when you exchange that Pass for a Memento you are guaranteed to get a Memento of a player that plays on New England that participated in the game New England played in Week 6.

The specific player’s Memento that you receive is also dependent on your team fan score. Continuing with the example above, your New England fan score is compared with that of other Uplanders who also own that same New England Week 6 Pass Legit. The higher your fan score in relation to others holding that same pass will give you a higher probability of obtaining a more coveted Memento – either that of a star player, or that of a memento that has higher fire statistics.


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