NOTE: This page and method of minting mementos is for historical reference. Minting mementos from 2023 onward is done by exchanging passes. Learn more about this here.

NFL Player Mementos are one of a kind Legits that are minted following a specific game that the player played in. These Legits include some of the player statistics from his performance. These mementos increase your fan points and are a great addition to include in your collections to gain an additional boost in your fan points. Having a high fan points ranking for a specific team will increase your chances in being able to mint mementos during the early sale as well as to receive autographs from players on that team. Read here about the functionality and utility of these Legits in Upland. If you still are not sure how NFL Player Legits work, click here to learn how to get started.

Follow this list to understand the process of minting Mementos.