Upland as the entrepreneur’s Metaverse allows players to create and earn. Showrooms play a big part in this. One way to earn is by creating assets as NFTs within Upland that can be utilized by other players for different reasons. Whether it is something purely visually appealing to have on your property, or it provides additional utility in a layer 2 experience, the metaverse sky is the limit. Watch this video to learn more about layer 2 and the kinds of experiences that can be created.

In game user generated assets must be manufactured and sold. The manufacturing is done through factories, and sales of these items will be done through showrooms. Learn more about the manufacturing process here. Showroom owners can utilize the space to sell map assets, structure ornaments and cars. Any player will have the ability to list a manufactured item in a showroom by becoming a sub-merchant. The seller will be able to set a sales price, and the showroom owner will be able to earn a commission on each sale, after accepting the item to be listed in their metaventure. In addition, the original manufacturer will also earn a royalty on the sale. Alternatively, if you own both a manufacturing plant, and a showroom you are able to list your own items, and keep your costs low.

Showrooms will be of different sizes, each of which with its own inventory capacity. You can use the playground to verify if a specific type of structure can fit properly on your property. The best part is this can be tested on any property in the metaverse – not only those that you own.

The process of registering for a map assets, ornaments, or cars showroom metaventure is detailed below. Make sure to read the metaventure registration page to learn more about operating your own metaventure.

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