Upland Legits

Upland Legits are digital collectible NFTs that have the capability of having in game utility attached to them. Having an element of utility can make these NFTs more desirable than owning them just for their collectability aspect. In fact, the whole concept of NFTs enables someone to provide utility or benefits to the asset holder. In Upland, all the assets you own are NFTs – properties, block explorers, vehicles, etc. Upland Legits are a group of NFTs that have different kinds of utility. In the future you will be able to show off your Legits in your Upland Home, and maybe sell them through art gallery metaventures.

At the moment there are different kinds of Legits:

  • Sports Legits – Upland has partnerships with numerous sports leagues and teams.
  • Legits
    • Spirit Halloween Legits – They were sold in bundles that included block explorers, Legits, and structure ornaments of different rarities.
    • Jacky Tsai Legits – These legits were sold in bundles that included block explorers, Legits, and structure ornaments of different rarities.re sold as pieces of artwork in bundles that included a structure ornament and one of either a Legit or a block explorer.
  • Music Legits

Furthermore, there are different types of Legits that players can own. Each has their own level of collectability and utility:

  • Essentials – Essentials are the most common type of Legits. However, even within these Essential Legits, there are different rarity levels making some of them extremely difficult to come by.
  • Passes – Passes are a specific type of Legit that function like a voucher would. You are able to purchase Passes ahead of a specific event, where it can be redeemed for the item itself after the event has occurred. Learn about how to exchange your Pass for Mementos and Spotlights.
  • Memento Mementos are a type of Legit that commemorates a specific moment or event – for example, a player’s performance in a specific game with NFLPA player mementos. This is done by having the player’s statistics from said game included as part of the NFT Legit. Some types of Mementos can be completely unique with only one of them created.
  • Spotlight – Spotlights are a special type of Memento in the fact that in addition to it commemorating a specific moment or event, the visual representation of the Legit is not a 2D image, but a video.

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