Functionality of NFL Player Upland Legits

Now that you own some Upland Legits of NFL players (see the different types here), what can you do with them? Here we will break down the different things you can do with Upland Legits. This is based on Upland’s introduction of Legits and the presentation provided during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the CEO, we will summarize in how these NFTs will function within the game, and speculate beyond what was said.

This page was last updated on October 5th 2023.

The following are different things you can do with NFL player Upland Legits

Legits will be used to revolutionize the way people play Fantasy Football.

Each week, you will be able to form a team roster based on the Legits that you own. The real world stats that your roster accumulates during that week multiplied by some factor based on Legit type (for example, replicas being more valuable than essentials) will provide you with a total score for the week. Every week you can create a new roster using the Legits in your inventory. There will be global and private leaderboards as well as opportunities to go head-to-head with your friends. Aside from bragging rights, there could be prizes in the form of UPX, spark, Legits, or something else.

Gone are the days each fantasy football league has a Tom Brady. Yes, in Upland everyone can mint a Tom Brady Essential Legit, but if you own a Brady Memento or were able to get a rare Brady Replica by blending Essentials, then that would clearly provide you with an added boost compared to all the other players who add a Brady Essential to their rosters.

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