Functionality of NFL Player Upland Legits

Now that you own some Upland Legits of NFL players (see the different types here), what can you do with them? Here we will break down the different things you can do with Upland Legits. This is based on Upland’s introduction of Legits and the presentation provided during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the CEO, we will summarize in how these NFTs will function within the game, and speculate beyond what was said.

Disclaimer – wherever speculation is noted, the Upland Guide is guessing based on Upland’s description of Legits, as well as the Upland Guide’s understanding of other blockchain NFT projects and games that focus around fantasy sports. This page was last updated on September 19th 2021.

The following are different things you can do with NFL player Upland Legits

Buy Legits

NFL Player Legits can only be bought from Upland at specified NFLPA in game locations or stadiums of that team. Currently, the following cities serve as a representative hub city for each NFL division:

  • Rutherford – New York Jets (AFC East) and New York Giants (NFC East)
  • Kansas City – Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West)
  • Cleveland – Cleveland Browns (AFC North)
  • Tennessee – Tennessee Titans (AFC South) – Future City
  • Santa Clara – San Francisco 49ers (NFC West)
  • Chicago – Chicago Bears (NFC North)
  • New Orleans – New Orleans Saints (NFC South) – Future City

As Upland continues to grow, the other cities hosting NFL teams will enter the metaverse. Their specific store will then move from the division hub city above to their home city.

To get specific Mementos you will have to go to the store before the game to register. You will buy the memento of the player of your choice (assuming someone ahead of you in line hasn’t bought it). After the actual game, the Legit will be minted with the players stats from that game.

Grow your Fan Score

Your Fan Score is important because the larger it is, the more likely you will be to win the chance to buy Mementos, and (speculation) Autographs. If you are trying to mint a Memento or any other special Legit, the algorithm is not completely random as to who gets to the “front of the line”. There is always an element of luck. New players and players who have not bought before always have a chance to obtain Mementos, but the best way to ensure you have the best chance is to have a high Fan Score. Once you are able to buy a Memento, your the likelihood of you getting another one soon after will decrease in order to give others an opportunity as well.

We speculate that the Fan Score behaves similar to the Property Value and UPX per month. Reference the property card to understand it in more detail. Just like each property has a monthly earning, each Upland Legit will also have an earning amount towards the Fan Score. You will be able to create collections similar to that with properties to get one time bonus and boosted Fan Score earnings. Legits of higher rarities will have higher fan score contribution. Essentially, the more Legits you own, the rarer or more difficult they are to obtain and if they are part of team or player collections will be the guiding factor to increasing your Fan Score.

All NFL player Legits contribute to one’s Fan Score. The Upland Guide speculates that the following attributes contribute to one’s Fan Score:

  • Quantity of NFL Player Upland Legits owned
  • Quality of NFL Player Upland Legits owned (Essentials, Superstar, Replicas, Memento, Autograph, Game ball)
  • Set of NFL Player Upland Legits owned (regular season vs. post season), with the post season contributing more to the score
  • Year of NFL Player Upland Legits owned (current season Legits contributing the most with a decreasing Fan Score contribution as you go back in time)

Display in your Upland Home

Legits are first and foremost collectibles. They are 3D designs and optimized for a mobile experience. They are great to show off to your friends, both inside and outside the metaverse. In the future, you will be able to define a primary residence, where you will virtually live. You will be able to display your Legits and any other NFTs inside your home by uploading them using the Upland NFT Portal. To build your own home, you will need spark; click here to read about spark.

Create Collections

It is unclear exactly what these collections will be, but creating collections will increase your fan score as described above. We speculate that collections will be similar to those with properties – own 3 Legits of players on the same team, or own 3 legits of a specific player.

Sell or Trade Legits

In the future you will be able to both sell or trade your Legits. The trading of Legits intend to be tied into in game location proximity. You will only be able to trade with another player if you are within a close proximity (not yet defined by Upland) to the other player. Alternatively, you will be able to trade and leave the Legit at the player’s home, if that is within range, but the other player’s block explorer is not. Part of the business model will allow for players to run in game businesses that can also sell and trade Legits. Upland envisions a metaverse where you can not only trade Legits for Legits, but that you can trade X number of Legits for Y number of properties, or even other NFTs that are not native to the Upland Metaverse.

Blend Legits

Blending/burning/merging Legits is the process of taking specific Essentials and “trading them in” to get a Legit that is more rare and/or of higher value. When Legits are blended, they are essentially deleted. It is unclear how many or which ones are required to blend. In return for blending the Essentials, you have a chance of receiving a Replica – likely of that same player, or someone on the same team. If you don’t receive a Replica, chances are you receive a different rare Essential of that player/team.

1 vs 1 Football Simulation Games

There was only one reference to this title in Upland’s introduction of Legits, where they mentioned the use of Replicas as being an ideal Legit to use in these future meta-games. During the Ask Me Anything there was a reference to future games that include leaderboards. Based on this, the Upland Guide offers the following speculation to this meta-game.

Legits will be used to revolutionize the way people play Fantasy Football.

Each week, you will be able to form a team roster based on the Legits that you own. The real world stats that your roster accumulates during that week multiplied by some factor based on Legit type (for example, replicas being more valuable than essentials) will provide you with a total score for the week. Every week you can create a new roster using the Legits in your inventory. There will be global and private leaderboards as well as opportunities to go head-to-head with your friends. Aside from bragging rights, there could be prizes in the form of UPX, spark, Legits, or something else.

Gone are the days each fantasy football league has a Tom Brady. Yes, in Upland everyone can mint a Tom Brady Essential Legit, but if you own a Brady Memento or were able to get a rare Brady Replica by blending Essentials, then that would clearly provide you with an added boost compared to all the other players who add a Brady Essential to their rosters.

There will be 2 different series of Legits for each NFL season – regular season and post-season. It is possible that leaders during the regular season will also receive some sort of bonus heading into the post season.

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