New Player Quiz

If you think you are ready to start your life in the Metaverse, here is a quick quiz to take to make sure you are ready. Everyone is bound to make some mistakes along the way, but by completing this quiz you will have the confidence you need to get started. Make sure to complete the Upland missions within the game to learn the basics and earn some UPX. By being able to successfully complete this quiz, it will help you in completing the basic Upland missions. See the end of the page to review all the basics of navigating the metaverse.

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New Player Quiz

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1) You can no longer mint FSA properties when you reach ____ UPX net worth or you have minted ____ FSA properties

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2) Visitors can sell properties.

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3) How many FSA properties can you mint each day?

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4) How many FSA properties can be listed for sale/traded/sold each week?

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5) You receive 3 sends for free from Upland every day.

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6) All cities in Upland are directly connected to each other via public transportation.

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7) How long after minting an FSA property must you wait before listing it for sale for USD?

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8) How far away from a property does your block explorer have to be in order to mint it?

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9) Which properties have not been minted yet?

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10) What is the net worth required to become an Uplander?

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11) What property has a larger mint price?

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12) A property can be placed in several different collections simultaneously to enact collection boosts.

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13) Which statement is false regarding property earnings

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14) You will receive the one time UPX bonus for completing a limited collection immediately upon adding the properties to the collection.

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15) Which airplane terminal is used for international travel?

upland plane terminal

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16) You can sell your spark to another player.

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17) How much spark is required to build the smallest structure in Upland?

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18) You can purchase an asset from a metaventure / NFLPA shop from anywhere in Upland

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19) Legit Essentials are limited in scarcity by

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20) Which of the following is NOT required to define your Upland home address?

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21) You need to login on a regular basis to ensure you collect your UPX property earnings?

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