Block Explorer Metaventures

Block Explorers are an integral part of the Upland Metaverse. In addition to them being your in game avatar, and a way for each player to express themselves, they act as drivers of cars during car racing. This feature has yet to be deployed, but you can learn more about car racing here. With different designs, rarities and even collections, block explorers offer people an opportunity to collect NFTs of important events, milestones, etc. within Upland. You can even get a profile picture of your block explorer after defining your in game home. Learn more about block explorers here.

Players are able to open block explorer shops to sell them on the secondary market. Metaventure owners can earn commission when a player sells an explorer through the owner’s shop. Learn how to be a sub merchant and sell your block explorer in a metaventure, and for the entrepreneurs learn more about setting up a metaventure. For details specific to setting up your block explorer metaventure, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Block explorers can be obtained from Upland in one of the following methods:

  • Buy them in limited sales – On occasion, Upland will sell different block explorers to commemorate different things that happen in Upland
  • Win them – Upland holds competition where the top ranked players are awarded block explorers
  • Giveaway – Upland has given away block explorers in random draws or for participating in an activity. Block explorers are also created to commemorate real world events such as Genesis Week.
  • Become a Director – Once you reach Director status, you are able to apply to receive a custom 1 of 1 block explorer. Learn how to get yours in this video.

Click here to see all the different block explorers that exist in Upland, and more information about how each one was awarded to players.

Block Explorer Metaventure Registration

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