For players who are NFL fans, collecting Legits is an exciting part of the Metaverse. Upland’s partnership with the NFLPA gives players an opportunity to own digital collectibles of their favorite football players. Growing one’s fan score is important in order to increase one’s chances of minting a 1 of 1 Memento froma specific game that has the player’s game stats minted to the NFT. Learn more about other reasons why you would want to increase your fan score. Minting essentails and minting mementos are done at NFLPA stadium and shops.

Players are able to open NFLPA Fan Shops to sell them on the secondary market. Metaventure owners can earn commission when a player sells an explorer through the owner’s shop. Learn how to be a sub merchant and sell your Legits in a metaventure, and for the entrepreneurs here you can learn more about registering for a metaventure or scroll to the end of the page to see specific requirements for setting up your NFLPA Fan Shop metaventure.

You can learn more about NFLPA Legits and getting started as a collector, and watch all the Upland Guide youtube videos below and take our quiz to test your knowledge. You can learn more about some of the players fan shops in the Upland Guide maps.

NFLPA Fan Shop Registration Process

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